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Yoenis Cespedes says he wants to return to Oakland Athletics
Unless you live under a rock or hate baseball in general (in which case I wonder what you are doing here?) you’ve heard about this by now, Yoenis Cespedes would like to return to the Oakland Athletics.  “I love Oakland all the time.” – Yoenis Cespedes Yes, Cespedes said that in a rare interview granted to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle. The reason the interview can be considered rare is because it was done completely in English without a translator, which is very unusual for the New York Mets’ Cuban star. I did say the Mets’ star. Yep. […]

Cespedes hopes to return to the Oakland Athletics and skipper ...

With one week of spring training in the books, here are the top three things we learned It’s’ the beginning of a new season. Spring Training began as pitchers and catchers reported late last week and position players started to arrive early on this week.  Of course there are going to be at least a few interesting situations that will go down in this first week or two of Spring Training. It happens every year beginning with almost every player declaring “I’m in the best shape of my life” to there being so many new faces on some of the […]

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dexter fowler
The Angels are wasting talent and time, they need to sign Dexter Fowler to fix their biggest problem It is time for the Los Angeles Angels to stop playing around. Maybe they need to wake up but the reality is that the team MUST deal with their issue in left field. It’s a problem that has been well documented everywhere, from right here on Today’s Knuckleball to ESPN.com. Everyone seems to be able to see that this problem is bigger than just having a relatively decent left fielder, and they don’t even have that right now with their current platoon of […]

Angels need to get real, get Dexter Fowler

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Cespedes signs for three-years with Mets, includes one-year opt-out Yoenis Cespedes wasn’t looking for a three-year deal and it was rumored that the Washington Nationals were willing to give him the five-year, $100 million deal he was, more or less, looking for. Even more rumors whispered that he was holding out on the Nationals for a sixth year. They went further still saying that the outfielder, who went on a two month tear that helped turn the New York Mets’ 2015 season around after they acquired him from the Detroit Tigers at the July 31st trade deadline, wanted to stay […]

Popularity of opt-out clauses and Yoenis Cespedes

Gentry and Nava
How will the Angels fare with a Gentry and Nava platoon in left field? It would seem like the Los Angeles Angels and Yoenis Cespedes would be an almost perfect match. It’s been a well-known fact since the Angels shipped Josh Hamilton off to the Texas Rangers that the Angels have a huge hole looming out in left field and the need for another power bat in their lineup. While they would prefer a left-handed bat, Cespedes’ right-handed power and recent Gold Glove Award would fill that hole very nicely. There had been speculation that team owner Arte Moreno might […]

Gentry and Nava: the Angels’ dilemma in left field

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At FanRag Sports Network‘s Major League Baseball site Today’s Knuckleball we often do a round table where a group of writers from the site all weigh in on certain pertinent questions regarding different events in Major League Baseball. This could be anything from trade deadline moves to the World Series to the offseason. This round table is has to do with what we, as professional baseball writers, thought about what has happened over the offseason from moves that have been made to predictions on what is still to come before Opening Day. To read the full round table discussion please follow […]

TKB’s best & worst of the offseason round table discussion

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Why hasn‘t anyone committed to Cespedes? Yoenis Cespedes is one of the biggest names free still left on the free agent market. He probably didn’t expect to find himself without a job in January but no one has committed to Cespedes yet.That doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for outfielders; other big names are still looking for the right offer. Alex Gordon and Justin Upton are both looking for homes in 2016 and beyond. There are more than a few teams that are on the lookout for an outfielder as well, specifically for Cespedes. The Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, San […]

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2015 Rawlings Gold Glove Award winners 2
The 2015 Rawlings Gold Glove Award recipients were revealed today on ESPN. Personally there are a few I don’t agree with – as you all know who I’m going to mention first – Of course Cespedes and it’s mainly because I don’t think he’s a good defender. Those two incredible (and they were) throws from left field in Anaheim in 2014 were made because he missed making the play in the first place. Those throws would not have been needed had he fielded the ball cleanly to begin with. And while I know the World Series doesn’t count – there […]

2015 Rawlings Gold Glove Award winners (plus my thoughts on ...

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 Should potential buyers be weary of signing Yoenis Cespedes? Yoenis Cespedes had a couple of unbelievable months in August and September after being traded to the New York Mets from the Detroit Tigers. In fact, he’s had a very good year on the whole, batting .291 with 35 home runs and 105 RBI combined between his time with both teams. However, once October hit and Cespedes stepped on to baseball’s biggest stage, he hasn’t been the same player the Mets had during the second half of the regular season. His offense has gone downhill since the National League Division Series, […]

Buyer Beware: Should Cespedes get a big free agent contract?

Murphy, KC
After Saturday night the New York Mets found a themselves in a place that they had hoped to never be. They found themselves three games to one to the Kansas City Royals in the World Series. It’s not an impossible spot to get out of. Teams’ in history have done it before, the last time being the 1985 World Champion KC Royals.  The Mets had the lead until a fifth inning mistake by Yoenis Cespedes but the scoring started on a solo home run by rookie Michael Conforto. It was his first of the night off of Royals’ starter Chris […]

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Update: August 5, 2015 8:30 pm PT Ok, now that Dave Dombrowski has made a statement, things are coming a little more into focus on this situation. The former president, CEO and GM of the Detroit Tigers wasn’t told anything about his “release” from the team until just before we were. Dombrowski told MLB.com on Wednesday, It’s pretty simple. Mike Illitch let me know yesterday, they were going in a different leadership direction.” Dombrowski wasn’t exactly shocked, however, with his contract expiring at the end of the season he hadn’t heard anything about its renewal either. Still, it means that […]

Update: Dombrowski didn’t know of his “release” from the Tigers ...

Every so often on Saturday mornings I take some time to chat with the guys over at The 3 Point Conversion Sports Lounge and Get Witted Sports on their weekly podcast. I’m going to be doing this more often in the coming months as well as doing some You Tube videos discussing my favorite topic …. BASEBALL OF COURSE! On this episode we discuss the moves made by clubs with at the 2015 non-waiver trade deadline that concluded on Friday at 4:00 pm ET. Topics covered include the best/worst trades made, who are the winners and losers of the deadline, players […]

Podcast: 3 Point Conversion Sports Lounge Sat. 8/1/15