…THROX Creator Edwin Heaven and Author Christopher Moore Team Up Again For Charity!                                            THROX are the “cure for the missing sock” … they come in threes in case that one sock escapes you in the dryer or one randomly gets a hole (I have found that rotating the socks is the best way to prevent loss and the usual wear and tear socks get on a daily basis) … I LOVE THROX!! Created by San Francisco’s own Edwin Heaven, they […]

THROX Presents Christopher Moore’s F*ckSox & F*ckStockings For MS Research!

You might wonder why I go by @OaklandAsSocksGrl right? Well obviously I wear a lot of A’s inspired knee socks! There’s a pretty decent chance you’ve seen me ~ a crazy brunette running around the Coli in even crazier socks! But really it all started years ago. I’m a girl with OCD and one day I decided that “white socks are only for the gym” but all other socks had to have “pictures or designs on them.” Sure it’s a bit strange but hey! It has made sock shopping a lot more fun! I have ones with princesses, hello kitty, flames, […]

History of OakAsSocksGrl & #OaklandSockSwag till now!