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Los Angeles Dodgers need to make a move with Kershaw out
With Clayton Kershaw out for potentially four to six weeks, the Los Angeles Dodgers must make a move. Oddly, it’s not necessarily because of the fact that Clayton Kershaw is out that the Los Angeles Dodgers need to make a trade. The offense is good enough to carry the team for now and despite a revolving door of pitchers on the disabled list, it’s possible they could make due without having to give up a top prospect for a pitcher like the Texas Rangers’ Yu Darvish or the Oakland Athletics’ Sonny Gray.  Both pitchers will come with a steep price. Darvish […]

The Los Angeles Dodgers must make a move, if not ...

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2016 Division Series Coverage Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my daily coverage of both the American League Championship Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Toronto Blue Jay and the National League Championship Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs!! Here’s the deal on each Division Series after the conclusion of each day’s Division Series games**:  ALDS:  Toronto Blue Jays @ Texas Rangers (*the @ sign signifies the team with home field with advantage): Game 1: Toronto 10, Texas 1 – Texas ace LHP Cole Hamels got hammered by the Blue Jays’ lineup – […]

2016 Division Series: daily recaps & updates – Final Update! ...

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A team without healthy starting pitching is doomed to have a dismal season To truly be a contender, a team needs all its pieces working well at the same time. Add a bit of luck to the equation and you may have a World Series champion. The 2015 Oakland Athletics proved just how much having one piece of the team puzzle out of whack can hurt a team. They had a terrible bullpen and it ruined the entire season — Oakland lost 35 one-run games. Even if a team’s starting pitching is great, they can’t win without a solid bullpen. The same […]

Examining the AL West shows the importance of starting pitching

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Can the Rangers sustain their lead in the AL without Colby Lewis? The Texas Rangers are having a good first half of the 2016 season, so good in fact that they have the best record in the American League by six games. The Rangers are 46-26 and leading the AL West by a wide margin. They’ve been luckier than in recent years, keeping more of their players healthy and off of the disabled list, yet suddenly the injuries are hitting them hard once again.  Quite a few players, especially pitchers, are now unavailable. There’s been one pitcher without whom the […]

What will the Rangers do without Colby Lewis?

Banister benches Prince Fielder Well, to be honest I thought I was gonna be wrong the day after I wrote that Jurickson Profar should stay with up with the Texas Rangers and not be sent down to Triple-A. It may not be under the circumstances I would have liked but it does look like he’ll be around in the big leagues a bit longer. Profar played in each of the seven games Rougned Odor missed while he was suspended for punching Jose Bautista. Profar had hit in each of those seven games, plus one more, now owning a .378 batting […]

Prince Fielder benched for Jurickson Profar

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In the wake of Rougned Odor’s suspension, Jurickson Profar has made his long awaited return to the Rangers Jurickson Profar made his debut with the Texas Rangers as a September call-up in 2012. He began the 2013 season named baseball’s top prospect, but started the season at Triple-A Round Rock being called up when second baseman Ian Kinsler was injured.  The Rangers traded Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers for slugger Prince Fielder after the 2013 season expecting Profar to be their next second baseman.  Instead Profar injured his shoulder during spring training and started the season on the 60-day DL, expecting […]

Profar returns to Rangers, perhaps for good?

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When Bryce Harper said, “Make baseball fun again” it’s doubtful this is what he meant …. Glorifying baseball brawls will just lead to more, likely among the kids who idolize the players involved    The brawl between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays that occurred two Sundays ago was one that was a long time coming. The Rangers lost to the Blue Jays in a heated 2015 American League Division Series. It was the same series that included Blue Jays’ outfielder Jose Bautista hitting on of the biggest and most important home runs of the postseason. After hitting that […]

Rougned Odor has glorified baseball brawls

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It’s still early, but the underdog A’s could compete in a weak AL West division It is only the third of May. Only a month of baseball has been played meaning that there are still five months left in the regular season. A lot can happen in five months so nothing is guaranteed. Teams that are excelling now can falter (remember the 2014 Oakland Athletics?) and teams that are at .500 can turn into power houses (see the 2015 New York Mets). However, the current state of the American League West is looking mediocre. All five teams are just above […]

A’s may have a chance to compete in a weak ...

Will the now-healthy Profar win a spot in the Rangers’ crowded infield or be traded? With the beginning of each new season, there are players whose names are on the block. Maybe they were superstars who are now in decline, perhaps they’ve got potential to be great but are looked at as injury prone or maybe they’re a young phenom that just hasn’t quite lived up to the hype. Teams are still taking a chance on them though because what if things finally come together (or back together) for them this season? If everything were to finally fall into place […]

AL West series: Make it or Break it Seasons: Jurickson ...

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Baseball Prospectus and MLB Pipeline release top prospects lists Every year prior to spring training many institutions, writers, websites, random people – it doesn’t really matter – rank the top 100 prospects in professional baseball or as is the case with Baseball Prospectus, the 101 top prospects. The results of these top prospects lists were released on Friday by both Baseball Prospectus and MLB Pipeline with some interesting results. I focused mainly on the American League West for two reasons: one because well, I’m an A’s fan of coursse and, two because it’s part of my job at Today’s Knuckleball. […]

Four from A’s farm system make top 100 prospects lists

Future Hall of Famer Beltre should remain with Rangers Third baseman Adrian Beltre has spent nearly a third of his 18-year big-league career with the Texas Rangers. He will be eligible for free agency next fall, but he would like to finish his career with the team he has had his best years with. The aging Beltre will be 37 this season, and while that may seem old for a contract extension, he’d like to remain with the team he’s called home for the last five years, saying recently, “If they want me, I guess I will probably be here.” President of baseball operations […]

Rangers should extend Beltre’s contract sooner than later

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Why hasn‘t anyone committed to Cespedes? Yoenis Cespedes is one of the biggest names free still left on the free agent market. He probably didn’t expect to find himself without a job in January but no one has committed to Cespedes yet.That doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for outfielders; other big names are still looking for the right offer. Alex Gordon and Justin Upton are both looking for homes in 2016 and beyond. There are more than a few teams that are on the lookout for an outfielder as well, specifically for Cespedes. The Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, San […]

No one’s committed to Cespedes, For the Angels it should ...