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Since Sonny Gray’s bout with salmonella, A’s pitchers seem to be dropping like flies, well kind of. Lefty and one of the A’s best pieces of potential trade bait, Scott Kazmir, left his start Wednesday after just three innings with left tricep soreness. Also, it was announced Wednesday that right-hander Jesse Hahn will miss his next start and be rescheduled to start Saturday because he is feeling some soreness in his elbow. This is his first full season as a big league starter and this soreness could be nothing more than fatigue, but it is something worth keeping an eye […]

Fantasy: Keep an eye on Athletics’ pitchers

A piece written by ESPN’s David Schoenfield asked a question that inspired this post. Both the Chicago White Sox Jeff Samardzija and the Washington Nationals’ Doug Fister will be free agents after the 2015 season. He asked who was the better pitcher – or more like who would you rather have if your team was looking for a starting pitcher next year? Of course guys like Johnny Cueto of the Cincinnati Reds and Jordan Zimmermann of the Nationals will also be free agents next season but between Samardzija and Fister was the question posed. Gut reaction on my part? Fister easy. […]

Doug Fister: One of baseball’s most underrated pitchers

Now that Jon Lester has signed with the Chicago Cubs, it’s time for clubs to start vying for Max Scherzer‘s attention, or so we thought. The funny thing is that no one is really biting right now. In fact, teams are opting out of the Scherzer sweepstakes. There is the small issue of the amount of money Scherzer wants, which makes one wonder if he’s asking for too much? Perhaps that is scaring teams off? He IS asking for “Clayton Kershaw” money afterall. Yet, is he really worth $200 million? It was expected that as soon as Lester signed the […]

Will anyone sign Max Scherzer?

Some people think that baseball ends along with the World Series but even that is not the case. Not by a long shot. The so-called “end of baseball season” is actually the beginning of the Hot Stove season. What is the Hot Stove season? Well I am glad you asked. The term refers to, in a very basic sense, all the off season baseball talk and transactions amongst the fans, players and executives. The term comes from the picture of fans gathering around a “hot stove” to keep warm while talking about the off season baseball action that begins in November. […]

Ranking the top 5 free agent starting pitchers (Sun. Column)