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A’s need to right mistake they made in ’13 & bring back Colon for ’17-’18

A’s may have the chance to fix the mistake they made with Bartolo Colon There are rumors. That’s all they are however, rumors. The rumors are about everyone’s favorite pitcher. Back on May 8th of this year I wrote about this pitcher and the cult following he’s developed. It’s only developed recently, even though he’s played 19 seasons in the big leagues. Of course I am talking about Bartolo Colon. Colon began developing a following during the 2013 season while playing in Oakland. At the age of 40 he put up numbers that were as good or better than the year […]

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Zach Neal

A’s should give Zach Neal a real shot at starting

Zach Neal made, what has so far been, the most important start of his seven year professional career on Monday. It wasn’t a playoff start or an all-star game start, it wasn’t even his first start in the big leagues and it definitely wasn’t a start for a 2016 contender. This start may change the course of his career, if the Oakland A’s decide to give him another start this season. After Monday’s night’s performance against an extremely potent and highly charged AL East leading Baltimore Orioles’ lineup, he’s earned one. Well, the Orioles were tied atop the AL East […]

Is Kendall Graveman beginning to breakout in the second half?

Four months ago, prior to the start of the regular season I wrote about Athletics starter Kendall Graveman being poised to have a breakout season in 2016. As it turned out, that prediction did not pan out in the season’s first half.  However, Graveman has suddenly started to turn things around. Might he be at the beginning of a breakout second half of 2016? Based on his most recent performances, it appears that a breakout for Graveman may already be in the works. In his first ten starts, Graveman recorded just two wins, two no-decisions and six losses. His last loss, however, […]

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Dillon Overton gets win for A’s in first MLB start

A’s use 11th different starter of the year: Call up Dillon Overton Saturday the Oakland Athletics used their 11th starting pitcher of the season. With their rotation decimated by injuries, the A’s have had to be creative to make sure that they had a pitcher to start a game every five days. In Saturday’s contest against the Los Angeles Angels, the A’s called upon rookie Dillon Overton from Triple-A Nashville to make his major league debut. First drafted out of high school in the 26th round by the Boston Red Sox, the then-18-year-old left-hander decided to attend the University of […]

Defying all odds, Rich Hill is one of the league’s best

From unemployable at age 35 to big league ace by 36, Rich Hill defies all odds Thirty-six-year-old Rich Hill, who had bounced around for years mostly as a reliever, had control problems, suffered a personal tragedy, underwent two surgeries and then, while playing independent ball, decided to reinvent himself back into a starter, he has been much more than impressive since his return to the majors. Rich Hill returned to the majors last season to make four incredible starts as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Hill impressed the Athletics and almost every other club in the league enough […]

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King Felix Hernandez, paxton

Has King Felix’s heavy workload begun to catch up with him?

Has King Felix already begun to decline due to his heavy workload over the last 11 seasons? Felix Hernandez, known around the league as King Felix, has been one of the most dominant and most durable pitchers in baseball since his debut in August of 2005. He came into the league a flame-throwing rookie, and though his velocity has dropped pretty dramatically, he pitches with finesse and is still extremely effective. But are the innings beginning to take a toll on King Felix, who turns just 30 on April 8? How many more Opening Day starts does Hernandez have left […]

A’s sign LHP Rich Hill, is it too risky or will it pay off?

Did the A’s take too big a risk in signing Rich Hill? The Oakland Athletics signed 35-year-old veteran left-hander Rich Hill to a one-year, $6 million contract Tuesday afternoon. This move by Oakland looks, at least at first glance, pretty risky – but may not be as big a gamble as it appears. Hill is essentially getting a $5 million raise from the highest salary he’s ever been paid, and the A’s are not on what you’d call a “big budget.” Their highest paid player is currently Coco Crisp, who makes $11 million per season, so $6 million can, in […]

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sonny gray

It’s well past the time to acknowledge Sonny Gray as A’s ace

*Written originally for FanRag Sports’ Today’s Knuckleball I realized that there were parts that I wanted to highlight and pieces that I wanted to add. To read the original version, you can click on the link below: Timing Finally Right to Award Sonny Gray Sonny Gray might not be leading the American League in ERA now. He has struggled a bit in his last two starts but he has, for the majority of the season, been the AL’s ERA leader. He might not be leading the league in wins. His team couldn’t provide him with the proper run support. The Oakland […]

Dallas Keuchel’s journey to being a 2015 All-Star Game starter

After the 2012 season, Houston Astros’ starter Dallas Keuchel almost didn’t have a job. He ended the season with 38 strikeouts and 39 walks. Yet within two and a half seasons Keuchel was named to start the All-Star Game for the American League.  How he do it? He became a guy who lived in the strike zone instead of outside it, added a pitch or two to his arsenal, worked hard and became one of MLB’s strikeout leaders … want the whole story? Check out via the link below: Keuchel’s transformation culminates in All-Star start Brought to you by […]

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houston astros, dallas keuchel, starting pitching, gray

Trade Deadline Preview: Houston Astros

The Houston Astros are currently sitting comfortably in first place in the AL West and have been all season. However the team is still a young squad and might need a little help at the trade deadline in order to keep on their current path to the postseason, perhaps even to bring Houston it’s first World Series Title. They need a veteran starter to lead their talented but inexperienced starting pitching staff and current ace Dallas Keuchel in the second half.  Find out what they should be looking for and who might be the best candidates to take the Astros […]