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My favorite baseball moment (written to *hopefully be published as part of an upcoming book, details soon if it is included) The most amazing baseball moment in my life began with a loss. It wasn’t at all your everyday regular season, we can get ‘em tomorrow, kind of loss. The Oakland Athletics were up two games in the 2012 American League Division Series going into Detroit and a couple of days later found themselves back in Oakland for Game 5. Detroit Tigers’ had their star pitcher, the reigning AL MVP AND Cy Young Award winner, Justin Verlander, on the mound. […]

My favorite baseball moment

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Cal Ripken Jr. gets a 22-minute standing ovation during his 2, 131 consecutive game It’s an off-day for the Oakland A’s. I know a lot of teams may not have today off but in honor of the players getting days of rest once in a while and the fans that hate it when they don’t get to see their favorite team play, here on BBST I’m going to provide you with a baseball fun fact.  Some may be more interesting than others. Last time the A’s had an off-day I chose my fact as a “this day in baseball history […]

Off-Day Baseball Fun Fact from BBST!