@OakAsSocksGrl AND they took your pose!! MT”@Athletics Argyle Socks giveaway this Sunday“ — Manuel Salazar (@msalazar408) April 11, 2015 I wrote a different post earlier … so sorry if you saw it, I was a bit harsher than I needed to be! I think the Tweet I recieved speaks for itself!  I’m always going to be a fan of the Athletics franchise from Philadelphia to Kansas City to Oakland and (HOPEFULLY NEVER!!) beyond! But I’m really kind of disappointed in the way the organization took my idea AND my pose …  … actually they took the two things I […]

A Tweet, the A’s, socks and this blog ….

UPDATE as of November 2, 2014, 9:30 pm: **I have yet to get an answer from anyone at the company I am using about when my site will be back up with archives and older posts. I’m frustrated (obviously) and I apologize that there will be very little to read here for the time being. Starting tomorrow though I will be back in the game, even without my archinves so check back in the morning and hopefully I will have some baseball news to share with you!, because I am aware that plenty of moves have already been made! Anyway, […]

Currently moving …

THANK YOU FOR READING BBST!! Latest Leaders – September 2014.   Thanks for helping keep Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk on the Latest Leaders List! Still holding in there at #18 during the month of September! I know, as do any of you who read my blog regularly, that I have been neglecting my blogging duties in favor of working (but come on! Work pays the bills AND I get to talk about baseball! Can’t go wrong there!) If you want to read some of my stuff you can find it on FanSided or FanSided’s signature MLB site: Call to […]

Latest Leaders – September 2014