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It’s a good question really. What do crazy fans who attend almost every ballgame do when their team is on a long road trip? Right now my Oakland A’s will have been gone 10 full days when they return Friday to take on the Houston Astros. (I threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Ryan Cook at the first A’s vs. Astros game in 2013 but that is another story for another time.) Anyway, of course there are fans and season ticket holders who follow their teams on road trips, my self included (but again that’s another story for another time). Yet […]

2014: Life as a MLB Season Ticket When the Team ...

I recently did a short interview about social media, its importance in marketing today and how to best utilize it … Here is the link: Interview: Jen Rainwater Talks Social Media for UC Berkeley Rec Sports Marketing …  And a big thanks to Taylor Shenton, Assistant Director of Marketing and Business Development, for inviting me to do this! 

UC Berkeley Rec Sports Marketing Interview

Also: the Winter Solstice, Idol Features: Christmas Compilation and The Joys of Cleaning Out My Closet!  So I took a leap and added yet another page to my many based on my “alter ego” which as you all know is Oakland A’s Socks Girl! I really didn’t want another page but I wanted to find out what all the Tumblr business was about!At first I thought it would be just a place to post pictures like Yahoo’s Flikr. But Tumblr seems to be so much more than that. It is a more like a combination of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Which while seems like a good idea and I do […]

New to Tumblr – Oakland A’s Socks Girl

Never had time to actually write about the crAziness that was Matt Garza freaking out on Eric and Kaycee Sogard (yes, it’s always a good plan to go off on a nice, quiet dude and his sweet pregnant wife on Twitter because he bunted and you didn’t like it … ok, wait! That’s a bad plan isn’t it? Good thinking Matt Garza!) But I think this photo sums it up! Anyone who’s ever sat in the bleachers (or anywhere else for that matter) in Oaktown will get it! Hysterical! Oh the irony of it all! We are in the playoffs […]

The Garza Twitter Incident!

So I learned how to make videos on Snap Chat today! Honestly I highly recommend this app! I’ve met cool people and you can take the most fun, hilarious videos and pics! If you have it and haven’t added me please do! My username for Snap Chat is BullpenBrunette! Looking forward to hearing from y’all! Also, using #SnapChat I found out how much fun and easy it is to make videos! Following are the first few Snap Chat vids just took tonight, like my first ever. I’m sure I look like the total baseball nerd that I am but who […]

Video Blog and Snap Chat randomness! (Please be patient … ...

 I know I haven’t blogged in hella days! Kinda lame of me, been a little busy with the A’s kicking ass and being 6 games up on the Rangers! Such a great comeback win today as the A’s took 3-4 from the Angels! After being down 5 runs in the first inning Oakland came back to win 10-6! Those are my boys! They never say die! Let’s Go Oakland! So I met a friend via mutual friends on Facebook who has a webstie called Idol Features! He interviews as the site puts it “ladies that are worthy of a double […]

Idol Features Interview with Chris Charles

You might wonder why I go by @OaklandAsSocksGrl right? Well obviously I wear a lot of A’s inspired knee socks! There’s a pretty decent chance you’ve seen me ~ a crazy brunette running around the Coli in even crazier socks! But really it all started years ago. I’m a girl with OCD and one day I decided that “white socks are only for the gym” but all other socks had to have “pictures or designs on them.” Sure it’s a bit strange but hey! It has made sock shopping a lot more fun! I have ones with princesses, hello kitty, flames, […]

History of OakAsSocksGrl & #OaklandSockSwag till now!

So, here my blog begins … because of my social media presence & (unbeknownst to me) influence I was picked to throw out the Ceremonial First Pitch for my favorite team, The Oakland Athletics, at one of my favorite places in the world, The Coliseum on April 16th 2013 before the A’s vs. Astros game! I got the  invite via a direct message to my Twitter account @OaklAsSocksGrl.  My immediate reaction was literally “what is this bullshit? It’s a joke” but I emailed the girl anyway and lo and behold it was not a joke. Of course the request was, is […]

First Post, First Pitch