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Oakland Athletics move Yonder Alonso in bizarre trade
Sunday the Oakland Athletics traded their only 2017 All-Star, Yonder Alonso, to the Seattle Mariners. There are many reasons this trade is surprising but let’s start with why it’s not. After all, the A’s do have a long history of trading away their All-Stars.  Given that the team is headed towards a third consecutive season with at least 90 losses, are in full-on rebuild mode and Alonso is having a career year on the eve of becoming a free agent, the first major waiver trade of the 2017 seasons seems that much more predictable. Given all the reasons trading Alonso […]

Oakland Athletics move Yonder Alonso in bizarre trade with Mariners

Rich Hill, doubleheader, starting pitching
A team without healthy starting pitching is doomed to have a dismal season To truly be a contender, a team needs all its pieces working well at the same time. Add a bit of luck to the equation and you may have a World Series champion. The 2015 Oakland Athletics proved just how much having one piece of the team puzzle out of whack can hurt a team. They had a terrible bullpen and it ruined the entire season — Oakland lost 35 one-run games. Even if a team’s starting pitching is great, they can’t win without a solid bullpen. The same […]

Examining the AL West shows the importance of starting pitching

edgar martinez
Keeping Martinez by far Dipoto’s smartest move When Jerry Dipoto took over as the new general manager of the Seattle Mariners prior to the season he made more than a few changes. He flipped over 40% of the Mariners roster between mid-September and mid-December. Dipoto kept a handful of the front office staff in assistant GM Jeff Kingston and two scouting directors in Tom McNamara and Tom Allison. He brought in his former assistant general manager with the Los Angeles Angels Scott Servais, a man with no managerial experience, to manage the team in place of an experienced skipper in […]

Keeping Martinez as hitting coach was Dipoto’s best move for ...

James Paxton, Paxton, Taijuan Walker
This year was a make or break year for Seattle Mariner’s pitcher James Paxton, who pitched brilliantly in his first stint with the Mariners back in 2013. He went 3-0 in four starts with a 1.50 ERA and was slated to be the Mariners’ third starter behind Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma in 2014. Unfortunately, Paxton’s next two seasons were plagued by injuries and he made just 13 starts in each season. Still even injured Paxton showed promise in those 26 total starts. He posted a 3.05 ERA in 2014 and a 3.90 in 2015. Preparing for a good year […]

With King Felix out, James Paxton is getting what could ...

ketel marte, marte
Will the return of Ketel Marte provide the spark the Mariners need? Although you may not of heard of Ketel Marte due to the influx of amazing rookies in 2015 and the fact that he was a prospect in the Seattle Mariners’ underwhelming farm system, he’s made an impact on the team both on the field and in the clubhouse. So it’s no wonder that despite their 3-1 loss to the Cleveland Indians on Monday, the Mariners were very happy to have Marte back in the lineup. He’d been out with a thumb injury he incurred while attempting to steal […]

Return of Marte could be the spark Mariners need

weak AL West
It’s still early, but the underdog A’s could compete in a weak AL West division It is only the third of May. Only a month of baseball has been played meaning that there are still five months left in the regular season. A lot can happen in five months so nothing is guaranteed. Teams that are excelling now can falter (remember the 2014 Oakland Athletics?) and teams that are at .500 can turn into power houses (see the 2015 New York Mets). However, the current state of the American League West is looking mediocre. All five teams are just above […]

A’s may have a chance to compete in a weak ...

Eric Surkamp
Could Surkamp become a permanent part of the A’s starting rotation? Twenty-eight-year-old left-hander Eric Surkamp secured himself a regular season start, perhaps even a place in the Oakland Athletics rotation, while pitching in the A’s 4-1 exhibition game win over the San Francisco Giants at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum on Saturday. Surkamp is now scheduled to start Friday at Safeco Field, against the Seattle Mariners and 23-year-old right-hander Taijuan Walker, thanks to his Saturday performance. He came into the game in the second inning to relieve injured starter Felix Doubront and pitched seven scoreless innings allowing the Giants potent offense […]

Surkamp may have earned opportunity to alter MLB career path

King Felix Hernandez, paxton
Has King Felix already begun to decline due to his heavy workload over the last 11 seasons? Felix Hernandez, known around the league as King Felix, has been one of the most dominant and most durable pitchers in baseball since his debut in August of 2005. He came into the league a flame-throwing rookie, and though his velocity has dropped pretty dramatically, he pitches with finesse and is still extremely effective. But are the innings beginning to take a toll on King Felix, who turns just 30 on April 8? How many more Opening Day starts does Hernandez have left […]

Has King Felix’s heavy workload begun to catch up with ...

James Paxton, Paxton, Taijuan Walker
James Paxton needs to prove he can stay healthy if he wants to stay with Seattle With the beginning of each new season, there are players whose names are on the block. Maybe they were superstars who are now in decline, perhaps they’ve got potential to be great but are looked at as injury prone or maybe they’re a young phenom that just hasn’t quite lived up to the hype. Teams are still taking a chance on them though because what if things finally come together (or back together) for them this season? If everything were to finally fall into […]

AL West series: Make it or Break it Seasons: James ...

With one week of spring training in the books, here are the top three things we learned It’s’ the beginning of a new season. Spring Training began as pitchers and catchers reported late last week and position players started to arrive early on this week.  Of course there are going to be at least a few interesting situations that will go down in this first week or two of Spring Training. It happens every year beginning with almost every player declaring “I’m in the best shape of my life” to there being so many new faces on some of the […]

3 fun lessons we learned during the first week of ...

utility player, Chris Taylor
Who will be the Mariners’ utility player in 2016? Seattle Mariners’ new general manager Jerry Dipoto has done well at improving his team under some difficult circumstances. He was given limited funds, with most of the team’s money invested into just four players, a low-ranking farm system (meaning no viable prospects) and the task to turn the team into “win now” contenders in the American League. He turned over more than 40% of the team’s roster in his attempt to successfully complete his task. He’s also done so without making too many positions overcrowded. There will be a question of […]

A position battle for utility player? You don’t see that ...

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After being predicted to have a breakout season since since his MLB debut Walker still has work to do The Seattle Mariners chose a 17-year-old right-hander in the first round of the 2010 draft. The kid, a dominant power pitcher named Taijuan Walker, moved swiftly through the minors, making his big-league debut on August 30, 2013, shortly after his 21st birthday. Walker showed a lot of promise across the three starts he made in 2013, going 1-0 and posting a 3.60 ERA over 15.0 innings. He was expected to have a huge breakout season in 2014 and was even slated […]

Is a breakout season still in the cards for M’s ...