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A brief history of pitchers with 20 strikeout games Strikeouts are sexy. Well at least according to the Washington Nationals’ star pitcher Max Scherzer. He would know too. On Wednesday night Scherzer struck out 20 Detroit Tigers during a nine-inning game. “Tonight, at the end of the night, was a special night,” Scherzer said. “Because, I mean, the strikeouts are sexy. And to be able to punch out 20 — it’s sexy.” He tied the MLB record for most K’s in a nine-inning game. The only other people to do so are Roger “The Rocket” Clemens, who accomplished the feat […]

Strikeouts are Sexy and Scherzer knows it!

The Case of Halladay v. Clemens on Twitter Just in case you missed it, there were athletes fighting on Twitter – well, kind of – and no it did not have anything to do with Curt Schilling making some asinine statement about “disproving evolution” (do NOT listen to him! Talk about crazy!). No, this little battle was between former pitchers Roy Halladay and Roger Clemens, who were once teammates on the Toronto Blue Jays when Halladay was just coming up in the league. Both are Hall of Fame caliber pitchers, however, Halladay who retired in 2013 isn’t on the ballot […]

Twitter feud: Halladay vs. Clemens (ICYMI)

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Update: May 19, 2015 at 11:45 am PT Corey Kluber made his first start on Monday. Well, it was his first start since his epic 18 strikeout performance. After a very slow start, which you can read about below, the 2014 Cy Young Award winner had everyone wondering if that performance meant that the 2014 Kluber had returned. It turns out that Kluber may have turned the corner from his earlier struggles. He struck out the first five White Sox batters he faced on Monday. He pitched a full nine innings allowing five hits, one run, one walk and struck […]

Update: Which Corey Kluber is the real one?

As many of you may know, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America will announce the results of this year’s voting for inductees for the class of the 2015 National Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday. This can go anyway and it has in the past. Sometimes no one gets the 75% of the vote required to be inducted into the Hall of Fame whereas other years there are many inductees. In 2013 no one was elected. The player’s Hall of Fame Class of 2014 consisted of pitcher Greg Maddux, infamous hitter “The Big Hurt” Frank Thomas and pitcher Tom Glavine. […]

2015 National Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot: Player Profiles