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Billy Butler, burns, lineup
AL West Make it or Break it Series Part 1: Billy Butler With the beginning of each new season, there are players whose names are on the block. Maybe they were superstars who are now in decline, perhaps they’ve got potential to be great but are looked at as injury prone or maybe they’re a young phenom that just hasn’t quite lived up to the hype. Teams are still taking a chance on them though because what if things finally come together (or back together) for them this season? If everything were to finally fall into place for that player, […]

AL West series: Make it or Break it Seasons: Billy ...

It’s hot stove season, which means it’s time for free agency rumors to swirl. Here at Today’s Knuckleball, we polled our writers and had them rank this season’s free agent class. The process was simple; each writer provided his or her top-25 free agents. A first-place vote netted 25 points, a second-place vote 24, and so on. That left us with our top-25 free agents, as decided by our writers.  Coming in 23rd, with 55 points in the voting: starting pitcher Marco Estrada. [UPDATE – Reports indicate that Estrada and the Blue Jays have agreed in principle to two-year deal, the […]

TKB Free Agent Profile #23: Marco Estrada

Carlos Correa
After just 50 games in the majors, it’s hard not to talk about the impact that Carlos Correa has already made on the Houston Astros. He’s been a big influence, we all know that. As good as the Astros are, there’s a good chance they aren’t leading the Angels by two games without him. Two games is not a huge cushion, and the Astros are going to need Correa to continue performing like he has been, not that he has shown any signs of slowing down. While the Astros have played .500 ball since Correa has been in the lineup, […]

Correa uses every tool to become Astros’ biggest asset

Right-hander Chris Young was almost unanimously named the 2014 American League Comeback Player of the Year. At least he swept all three of the awards for A.L. Comeback Player of the Year being given the award by Major League Baseball,  the Sporting News and the award as voted on by his peers, he was the Player’s Choice Comeback Player of the Year. Looking back at Young’s ten seasons, especially his 2014 season with the Seattle Mariners, it’s hard to see why he’s one of the very last free agents out there without a job now that spring training has officially […]

Shouldn’t RHP Chris Young have a job by now?

The Kansas City Royals picked Kyle Zimmer fifth overall in the first round of the 2012 draft. He has all the potential to be an ace or at the very least the number two starter in any big league rotation once he has made his way through the minors. Unfortunately, Zimmer has been plagued by shoulder problems for over the past year and he has logged just 14 1/3 innings in the last calendar year according to ESPN’s Keith Law, who still rated the right-hander as the 25th best prospect on his annual list of the top 100 prospects in […]

Prospect Profile: Kyle Zimmer, Kansas City Royals

Dylan Bundy may be coming off an injury and is not in the plans for Baltimore this season but he has a legitimate chance to be in the Baltimore Orioles’ starting rotation in 2016. In fact, you’ll probably see him on the mound in relief for the Orioles sometime this September. Orioles’ manager Buck Showalter has already announced that Bundy will start the season at Double-A Bowie but no physical restrictions will be placed on him. This is a great sign for Bundy whose been through a couple of injuries, including Tommy John surgery. Bundy will start at Double A. […]

Prospect Profile: Dylan Bundy, Baltimore Orioles

The Royals had many contributors on their epic run for the World Series in 2014. It takes skill from the entire team to accomplish winning the American League Pennant. However, let’s face the facts, James Shields was a huge part of their season-long run. Even with this new Wild Card rendering the regular season very nearly pointless. the regular season does count and the Royals wouldn’t have gotten through it without the help of James Shields. While, some might say that he didn’t quite live up to his nickname “Big Game James”  in his performances during the 2014 postseason but […]

Can Edinson Volquez fill James Shields shoes for Royals?

A piece written by ESPN’s David Schoenfield asked a question that inspired this post. Both the Chicago White Sox Jeff Samardzija and the Washington Nationals’ Doug Fister will be free agents after the 2015 season. He asked who was the better pitcher – or more like who would you rather have if your team was looking for a starting pitcher next year? Of course guys like Johnny Cueto of the Cincinnati Reds and Jordan Zimmermann of the Nationals will also be free agents next season but between Samardzija and Fister was the question posed. Gut reaction on my part? Fister easy. […]

Doug Fister: One of baseball’s most underrated pitchers