@OakAsSocksGrl AND they took your pose!! MT”@Athletics Argyle Socks giveaway this Sunday http://t.co/GkizctLjudpic.twitter.com/lmeih6pGnn“ — Manuel Salazar (@msalazar408) April 11, 2015 I wrote a different post earlier … so sorry if you saw it, I was a bit harsher than I needed to be! I think the Tweet I recieved speaks for itself!  I’m always going to be a fan of the Athletics franchise from Philadelphia to Kansas City to Oakland and (HOPEFULLY NEVER!!) beyond! But I’m really kind of disappointed in the way the organization took my idea AND my pose …  … actually they took the two things I […]

A Tweet, the A’s, socks and this blog ….

UPDATE as of November 2, 2014, 9:30 pm: **I have yet to get an answer from anyone at the company I am using about when my site will be back up with archives and older posts. I’m frustrated (obviously) and I apologize that there will be very little to read here for the time being. Starting tomorrow though I will be back in the game, even without my archinves so check back in the morning and hopefully I will have some baseball news to share with you!, because I am aware that plenty of moves have already been made! Anyway, […]

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 … Red Sox crowned World Series ChampionsMake no mistake I am NOT a Red Sox fan …. but I am an AL girl and there were conflicting reasons to root for either team so I went with the Red Sox (you know if you read any of my blog before about the whole mess of the hierarchy of World Series Titles, etc). Plus, I like a few of the players in Boston like David Ortiz aka Big Papi! He so adorably happy all the time, he reminds me of Bartolo Colon a bit (#TeamBartolo) and also playing for the Red […]

2013 World Series Game Six: A TRUE STORY: The Day ...

So I’ve figure a couple of things out … actually after re-reading this I realize I have absolutely NOTHING figured out but that I am completely ok with that. Quick exampIe! I was going to start out this blog talking about RED #SockSwag for the World Series and I am completely ok with that … now onto the nonsense ….First off, I don’t really care who wins this World Series. Nothing really against either team except that the Cardinals have two more World Series Titles than the Athletics (I’d like OAK to @ least re-tie STL for second all time)  and […]

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Wasn’t planning on even using the internet today but I as any addict would, logged on just once … this once made me discover a couple of things! One that was beneficial for me and the other that just made me f*ckin’ pissed off so here I go writing my strong opinions once again …  Number 1 – The Good NewsThe good new is that I was unexpectedly featured AGAIN in this week’s Fan Friday edition of The Crown Sports! It’s not a special on A’s fans this time but I was included!! Very Cool! Thanks for the #OaklandSockSwag Love Crown Sports! Much […]

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I was honored at the ballgame the other day when another fan Michael Morgan approached me and asked if he could include “The Oakland A’s Socks Girl” in his comic book, Sketchball! Flattered I immediately said yes (even tho I had really seen his work yet) Once I saw his work I knew I had made the right choice! Look for my original socks (below) in Issue 1 of Sketchball and coming up in the 2nd issue of Sketchball will hopefully include my luckiest pair of #OaklandSockSwag! 🙂 Here’s a link and more info on the comic book! Enjoy! Oakland A’s […]

Oakland A’s Socks Girl featured in Sketchball: Drawings from Oakland’s ...

 I know I haven’t blogged in hella days! Kinda lame of me, been a little busy with the A’s kicking ass and being 6 games up on the Rangers! Such a great comeback win today as the A’s took 3-4 from the Angels! After being down 5 runs in the first inning Oakland came back to win 10-6! Those are my boys! They never say die! Let’s Go Oakland! So I met a friend via mutual friends on Facebook who has a webstie called Idol Features! He interviews as the site puts it “ladies that are worthy of a double […]

Idol Features Interview with Chris Charles

You might wonder why I go by @OaklandAsSocksGrl right? Well obviously I wear a lot of A’s inspired knee socks! There’s a pretty decent chance you’ve seen me ~ a crazy brunette running around the Coli in even crazier socks! But really it all started years ago. I’m a girl with OCD and one day I decided that “white socks are only for the gym” but all other socks had to have “pictures or designs on them.” Sure it’s a bit strange but hey! It has made sock shopping a lot more fun! I have ones with princesses, hello kitty, flames, […]

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