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49 ReAsons it’s greAt to be An Athletics fAn Today, the A’s released a list of 49 reasons why it is HELLA cool to be an Athletics fan. I’m inclined to agree with them and I have reasons I could even add to their list. The team did a fun and thorough job with this list. Of course I had issues with a couple of their “reasons” but there were others that I loved so much that they brought tears to my eyes. This is a good list for a lot of A’s, or perhaps now-former A’s, fans to read. […]

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┬áSeriously if anyone can find a copy of the first one .. Oakland, obviously, I will pay a reasonable price for it … or if someone thinks they could recreate it on one of the walls in my living room then please contact me! That would be hella sweet! I would definitely commission someone for that!! jenrainwater@bbstmlb.com – pls put “minimalist baseball stadium artwork” in the subject!   Minimalist Baseball Stadium Artwork Could be construed as boring but I love it! I would love to have the one of the Coliseum! I don’t care what anyone says … I loved […]

Minimalist Baseball Stadium Artwork …