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A team without healthy starting pitching is doomed to have a dismal season To truly be a contender, a team needs all its pieces working well at the same time. Add a bit of luck to the equation and you may have a World Series champion. The 2015 Oakland Athletics proved just how much having one piece of the team puzzle out of whack can hurt a team. They had a terrible bullpen and it ruined the entire season — Oakland lost 35 one-run games. Even if a team’s starting pitching is great, they can’t win without a solid bullpen. The same […]

Examining the AL West shows the importance of starting pitching

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Sonny Gray always seems to be overlooked by so-called experts but the numbers don’t lie! **This is the MUCH longer, much wordier version of my column … there’s a lot in here that you don’t necessarily need to know but that you may want to know! So if you would like to scroll to the bottom you will find the link to the shorter, more condensed version of the story with what you DO NECESSARILY need to know. So you can pick your poison -either way you’ll (hopefully) agree that the A’s ace is very much overlooked and underrated!  Oakland Athletics’ […]

As usual Sonny Gray gets overlooked in player rankings

Khris Davis, burns
Was the addition of Khris Davis worth the sacrifice of top prospect Jacob Nottingham? Just when you think you have finally figured out what Billy Beane, David Forst and the Oakland A’s are doing, Beane and company throw you a curveball. It’s always one that makes you re-examine your thinking about the team and try to understand theirs. That was what happened Friday afternoon when the Oakland Athletics acquired left fielder Khris Davis from the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for top catching prospect Jacob Nottingham and minor league right-hander Bubba Derby. The trade instantly changed the look of Oakland’s lineup […]

How does the addition of slugger Khris Davis affect the ...

Zack Wheeler
The New York Mets announced Sunday that they will not be shopping right-handed starter Zack Wheeler despite having a fearsome foursome in Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz and Noah Syndergaard.  Personally I was hoping they’d shop Wheeler back in July. Wheeler, 25,  is coming off of having had Tommy John surgery last summer and they ALMOST did. Remember Wilmer Flores crying on the field after he thought he’d been traded to the Milwaukee Brewers (giving him two reasons to cry – their record and leaving the Mets)? Well that was over Wheeler. The Brewers were prepared to send Carlos […]

Mets not shopping Wheeler is a disappointment

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In honor of the first day of the 2015 amateur draft, today I’m going to talk about the very first pick of the very first MLB 1965 amateur draft that took place 50 years ago. The first pick of the 1965 amateur draft was center fielder Rick Monday. Coincindentally (for me) he was drafted by the Kansas City Athletics. Monday made his MLB debut with the A’s on September 3, 1966. Monday, a left-handed hitter, played with the Athletics for six years and made his first All-Star appearance in 1968, the team’s first year in Oakland. After remaining with the A’s until 1971. […]

Off-Day Fun Fact from BBST: Rick Monday

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Last season I wrote a post on how team could have both their league’s batting champion and home run champion and still finish in last place. I am of course referring to the Houston Astros. Although they didn’t end up in last place in the American League West or with the AL home run champion, it all still could have happened. It could happen again. The Astros’ finished only three games above the last place Texas Rangers and slugger Chris Carter finished just three home runs shy of tying Nelson Cruz for the most home runs in Major League Baseball. […]

Why the Houston Astros may NOT win the AL West

If you paid attention to the Oakland A’s during this century – and let’s face it, unless it was the beginning of last season when they had baseball’s best record, or in 2002 during their 20 game win streak (Yes, it really happened. I was there. The movie did a very good job of portraying the streak as it happened!!), then you probably haven’t paid the A’s any attention. You’d just be assuming they’d just lose in the first round of the playoffs. In which case you’d have been right seven out of the last 15 seasons this century. Since […]

Why the Oakland A’s will pull away from the pack ...

Here we already already through week two of the regular season so it is time for another volume of the AL West Weekly Wrap-Up. Weekly Wrap-Ups will be coming to you on Baseball Hot Corner for each division all-season, summarizing each team’s week, naming both a position player and pitcher of the week and giving you our take on the power rankings within the division. So let’s get started! To find out what happened in the AL West this week use the link below to go to Baseball Hot Corner: Vol. 2: AL West Weekly Wrap-Up Brought to you by Baseball […]

Vol. 2: BHC’s AL West Weekly Wrap-Up

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The Oakland A’s are much better than their record makes them appear. According to MLB.com in the A’s five wins they’ve outscored their opponents 42-1. A large part of that has been thanks to A’s newcomer Billy Butler, who going into Wednesday night’s game against the Houston Astros has a nine game hitting streak. *side note (On a side not I have to say that I had a huge feeling during that crazy 2014 American League Wild Card game that Butler had the feel and the look of an Oakland player. I told my parents that night that I thought he’d […]

A’s love their Country Breakfast & his 9-game hitting streak!

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Alright, this is a new weekly series a few of us writers are starting on Baseball Hot Corner.  It is a weekly wrap up of the state of each division. Each writer will nominate a position player of the week, pitcher of the week, team-by-team recaps and power rankings for their chosen division. This is the first editition of the AL West Weekly Wrap-Up which you will be able to find on BHC every Monday throughout the entire season. The Texas Rangers opened their season at the home of the Oakland Athletics, O.Co Coliseum on Monday April 6 at 7.05 pm. […]

Volume 1: BHC’s AL West Weekly Wrap-Up

I’m not the biggest Yasiel Puig fan but you can’t help admire his talent. I remember a couple years ago I wrote a piece for Sports Unbiased where Puig’s rookie card was sold for some absurd amount of money. If I’d been the person that bought it I’d have been slightly nervous during the last couple of years. Puig has been labled “immature” almost to the point of being a “problem player” even though he’s displayed talent on the field. There have been discipline problems for his actions on and off the field. However, this year the 24-year-old Cuban reported to […]

Yasiel Puig shows off his arm with throw to third ...

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In baseball history there has been one, yes just one, no-hitter thrown on Opening Day. On April 16, 1940 Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians threw the first no-no of his career defeating the Chicago White Sox by a score of 1-0. He is the only player to ever pitch a no-hitter on Opening Day, in the game’s long and rich history youMLBd think there would have been more than one. That long-standing record came six outs away from being tied Monday night when the Oakland Athletics took on the Texas Rangers. 25-year-old right-hander Sonny Gray was on the mound for […]

A’s, Sonny Gray almost make history, still break a curse