Oakland A’s Socks Grl

@OakAsSocksGrl AND they took your pose!! MT”@Athletics Argyle Socks giveaway this Sunday http://t.co/GkizctLjudpic.twitter.com/lmeih6pGnn“ — Manuel Salazar (@msalazar408) April 11, 2015 I wrote a different post earlier … so sorry if you saw it, I was a bit harsher than I needed to be! I think the Tweet I recieved speaks for itself!  I’m always going to be a fan of the Athletics franchise from Philadelphia to Kansas City to Oakland and (HOPEFULLY NEVER!!) beyond! But I’m really kind of disappointed in the way the organization took my idea AND my pose …  … actually they took the two things I […]

A Tweet, the A’s, socks and this blog ….