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Raul Ibanez, skipper, manager
 *Just a few tidbits out of my column on why any team would be lucky to have Raul Ibanez as their manager for 2016 for the full story head over to Today’s Knuckleball.   Raul Ibanez almost got the managerial job for the Tampa Bay Rays prior to the start of the 2015 season. He has no managerial experience but he has a way with working with younger players, something he proved last season serving as a mentor to a young Kansas City Royals team throughout the playoffs and into the World Series ………  Just last year, he was let […]

Raul Ibanez should be a skipper somewhere

The Great Roberto Clemente: #Retire21 Today is Roberto Clemente Day in Major League Baseball. The nominees for the Roberto Clemente Award will be honored on this day and the winner announced in October as voted upon by the fans and members of the media. Originally instituted in 1971 and known as the Commissioner’s Award, the award was renamed in 1973, after Clemente’s tragic death on New Year’s Eve 1972. He would have been 81 this year, his birthday being just weeks ago on August 18. He passed at the age of 38. Clemente has his own day in Major League […]

Retire #21: Another Roberto Clemente Story (but better!)

Jason Hammel 7
When the Oakland Athletics traded for Jason Hammel last summer I was a happy camper. They got the “Shark” Jeff Samardzija in the trade as well. Two great pitchers for the Chicago Cubs, coming to the A’s to win. Or so we thought. The A’s gave up prospects Addison Russell (who is now playing very well at shortstop for Chicago) and Billy McKinney, the A’s 2013 first round draft pick. So Hammel comes to the A’s and struggles, A LOT. Upon being traded to Oakland Hammel was 8-5 in 17 starts with a 2.98 ERA and a respectable 1.021 WHIP. […]

Jason Hammel is suddenly THAT good? Seriously?

2015 A's 2
It’s true that the Oakland A’s are in last place in the American League West and 12 games behind the first place Houston Astros. Yet we are still only a quarter of the way through the season. Yes, the A’s defense has been atrocious and they’ve committed more errors than any other team in the league. To say that the bullpen has had issues would be an understatement and they are once again with a key left-hander in closer Sean Doolittle. I know I’ve written on this topic twice already. 2015 Trade Market: Is it too early to talk about […]

In baseball anything can happen: How the 2015 A’s can ...

Astros 14
Last season I wrote a post on how team could have both their league’s batting champion and home run champion and still finish in last place. I am of course referring to the Houston Astros. Although they didn’t end up in last place in the American League West or with the AL home run champion, it all still could have happened. It could happen again. The Astros’ finished only three games above the last place Texas Rangers and slugger Chris Carter finished just three home runs shy of tying Nelson Cruz for the most home runs in Major League Baseball. […]

Why the Houston Astros may NOT win the AL West

Alex Torres
Seriously, this is something I do not understand. I don’t understand the big deal about New York Mets’ pitcher Alex Torres‘ cap. Yet one thing never fails since he started wearing the protective cap offered to pitchers in 2014, and that is people still make fun of him. Even the New York Post called his hat “goofy,” although they’re overall article on the protective cap was positive. Still why call it “goofy?” Torres is the only pitcher in the game who wears this particular cap. The rest seems to be too vain to don it because it looks a little […]

Why are people still making fun of Alex Torres’ cap?

If you paid attention to the Oakland A’s during this century – and let’s face it, unless it was the beginning of last season when they had baseball’s best record, or in 2002 during their 20 game win streak (Yes, it really happened. I was there. The movie did a very good job of portraying the streak as it happened!!), then you probably haven’t paid the A’s any attention. You’d just be assuming they’d just lose in the first round of the playoffs. In which case you’d have been right seven out of the last 15 seasons this century. Since […]

Why the Oakland A’s will pull away from the pack ...

Hamilton said if #Angels had put their arm around him after relapse, he would’ve “been playing probably a month ago.” — Alden Gonzalez (@Alden_Gonzalez) April 27, 2015 I believe that tweet says it all. I’ve said on multiple occasions on this blog that all the Los Angeles Angels have done is kick a decent guy when he’s down instead of reaching out a hand and helping him back up. Instead they acted like parents who misunderstand their child’s issues (many people recovering from addiction are using the drug/alcohol to self-medicate or mask some sort of inner pain or mental illness) […]

All Hamilton needed was a helping hand, he’ll find one ...

bartolo colon, homer, colon
If you have ever read my blog you know I adore Bartolo Colon! He’ll be 42 on May 24 and wait for it …. he’s actually getting even better at playing the game he so loves! in fact, he has beaten out three much younger and more hearalded pitchers than himself in his first three starts and defeated them all. So far Colon has made three starts for the New York Mets and has won them all. He’s now sitting at 3-0 with a 2.25 ERA leading a pitching staff that also includes Matt Harvey and 2014 Rookie of the Year […]

Bartolo Colon gets another RBI?

keep Gray, Sonny Gray
Alright, this is a new weekly series a few of us writers are starting on Baseball Hot Corner.  It is a weekly wrap up of the state of each division. Each writer will nominate a position player of the week, pitcher of the week, team-by-team recaps and power rankings for their chosen division. This is the first editition of the AL West Weekly Wrap-Up which you will be able to find on BHC every Monday throughout the entire season. The Texas Rangers opened their season at the home of the Oakland Athletics, O.Co Coliseum on Monday April 6 at 7.05 pm. […]

Volume 1: BHC’s AL West Weekly Wrap-Up

In evaluating teams this spring Buster Olney identified five that have filled more holes than most teams. In fact he says that more teams have had holes created this spring, which is of course true. Yu Darvish going down was somewhat of a surprise. He’d been shutdown early last season with elbow soreness but it seemed more like a precaution at the time with the team so far out of contention. It wasn’t and now Darvish is out for the next year and, probably, a half after Tommy John surgery. Not long after more and more players started dropping like […]

For those of you (everyone!) who always underestimate the A’s

I’ve already questioned the idea that there may be a curse on the Texas Rangers. Recent events, conversations and my own investigation/research into the idea suggests that there may, in fact, be a curse on the Texas Rangers that could become as big as the “Curse of the Bambino” or the “Curse of the Billy Goat.” If a curse, like the one that used to lay on the Boston Red Sox and the one that still plagues the Chicago Cubs, does apply to the Rangers it could be called the “Curse of Nolan Ryan.” Ryan took over as president of […]

Are the Texas Rangers under the “Curse of Nolan Ryan?”