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 How can we fairly decide the Cy Young Award especially in 2015? It’s that time of year when the members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) will cast their votes for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and the Cy Young Awards for both the American and National Leagues. Each writer votes for ten players (position or otherwise) for the MVP and five pitchers for the Cy Young, ranking their top choices for each. This is no easy task; there is no specific criteria for either award. Members of the BBWAA each consider many questions, including:  Are the awards […]

Cy Young Award voting made easy!

Alex Rodriguez is back in baseball. He arrived at the New York Yankees’ spring training camp on Monday, two days early, Position players are not required to report until Wednesday. According to the New York Post, Rodriguez underwent a physical, worked out at the Yankees’ minor league complex and then turned to face reporters for the very first time since his year-long suspension for using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). He strained his relationship with the Yankees and MLB even more when he threatened multiple lawsuits while still maintaining his innocence. Rodriguez finally gave in and accepted his unprecedent year-long suspension […]

A-Rod has returned, arrives at Yankees camp

Well there will still be #NerdPower at O.Co Coliseum in 2015. The Oakland Athletics have avoided arbitration with second baseman and last year’s MLB Network #FaceOfMLB runner up (actually winner – that last surge of votes for David Wright out of Asia was an obvious fix by MLB & MLB Network … just saying!) second baseman Eric Sogard.  Sogard who is likely to be used sparingly as a utility infielder, since the trade for #Zorilla aka Ben Zobrist from the Tampa Bay Rays as well as the acquisition of shortstop Marcus Semien in the trade with the Chicago White Sox […]

A’s avoid arbitration with Eric Sogard #NerdPower

Pablo Sandoval, former third baseman for the San Francisco Giants and current third baseman for the Boston Red Sox, was one of the biggest free agents on the market going into this season. A fan favorite, Sandoval was a member of three World Championship teams with the Giants. He was so popular that Giants’ fans wore goofy panda hats on their heads and many lamented endlesslessly over Twitter and Facebook when it was officially announced that he had chosen to sign a contract with the Red Sox. Most assumed that they had offered more money or years than the Giants […]

Pablo Sandoval aka “Panda” never intended to return to Giants

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I read an interesting article on and it really made me think. I watch a lot of MLB Network’s programming and I believe it was a poll of the experts on MLB Now that I heard similar opinions that I read in the Forbes article, regarding the New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez. MLB Now features “perspectives from baseball journalists, current and former players and managers, sabermetricians and broadcasters,” according to MLB Network‘s website. I already know this having watched the show but I thought it pertinent to understanding who has these opinions and how they may relate to my […]

Will the Yankees release A-Rod? And what about Sabathia?

*My original intent was NOT to insult anyone, so let’s try this again and see if my point comes across a bit better, ok? Ok. Here we go … I realized the importance of the distinction between the type of female baseball fan (but it can go for all sports) described, for lack of better descriptive words, “groupies” or “cleat chasers” or just plain “bandwagon fans” who like the sport because the team is winning and it is the “in” thing to like and a female baseball fan who is actually takes sports seriously, understands the game and strives to […]

Not a groupie, not a cleat chaser, just a girl ...

After a three month long, hard fought, Twitter battle by the fans, David Wright the third baseman of the New York Mets was named Major League Baseball Network’s (MLBN) Face of MLB for 2014. The competition began with 30 different “faces,” one for each franchise, pitted against each other in a bracket-style competition. On Thursday it was whittled down to just two, Wright and Oakland Athletics’ second baseman Eric Sogard. Eric Sogard (Image courtesy of Christian Peterson/Getty Images) The vote was close and the battle intense. Wright received 51% of the fan votes to Sogard’s 49%. Neither player was expected to be in […]

Sogard Loses out to Wright in MLBN’s Face of MLB ...

The final two contestants in MLB Network’s (MLBN) Face of Major League Baseball competition were announced on the show, The Hot Stove, this morning. The final two will be Eric Sogard of the Oakland Athletics and David Wright of the New York Mets. It’s a battle of East Coast versus West Coast and a battle of a big name player in Wright versus a virtually, until now, unknown player in Sogard.  Sogard’s fans have made his “Nerd Power” extremely hard to beat. Their tweets, along with his teammates tweets, have been hilarious and the internet “memes” have been as well. The Athletics and their […]

It’s Sogard vs. Wright, East Coast vs. West Coast in ...

Getty Images If you are a big baseball fan or even just a causal baseball fan you probably watch MLB Network (MLBN) from time to time if not, like me, multiple times per day. If you have watched MLBN in the last month then you are probably wondering, “who is that guy with the glasses?” I don’t blame you, he is on the Oakland Athletics who, less face it, no matter how good they are just don’t get a lot of press. Just look at Josh Donaldson’s snub from last season’s All-Star Game I have to pause here because I […]

MLB Network’s Face of MLB Fan Vote: Just who is ...