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49 ReAsons it’s greAt to be An Athletics fAn Today, the A’s released a list of 49 reasons why it is HELLA cool to be an Athletics fan. I’m inclined to agree with them and I have reasons I could even add to their list. The team did a fun and thorough job with this list. Of course I had issues with a couple of their “reasons” but there were others that I loved so much that they brought tears to my eyes. This is a good list for a lot of A’s, or perhaps now-former A’s, fans to read. […]

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Despite stadium woes in Oakland, the commissioner has given people hope Some events from the past week may have pried open a very tiny crack in a very old and very stuck door, allowing a teeny tiny sliver of light to shine through as a glimmer of hope for fans of the Oakland Athletics. After 20 years of talking aimlessly about the team moving away or about getting a new stadium (one preferably NOT shared with a football team) there is finally a place to start that could potentially be in sight. It sounds far fetched doesn’t it? That fans […]

Oakland has reality-based hope for the future

A's Love, my rant
My RANT today – #sorrynotsorry! Dedicated to the A’s players and true, loyal Athletics fans! *Originally written for & posted on Facebook but I thought it needed to be (I hope) more widely read so here ya go: Ok, I’m SICK TO DEATH of A’s fans whining about the ownership. Does it hella suck? ABSOLUTELY, YES, IT DOES! However, is there ANYTHING that YOU, personally, can actually do about it? NO!   If you think boycotting games or discontinuing your season tickets is going to make a difference – then you’re WRONG! IT WILL NOT CHANGE A SINGLE THING!   […]

An important rant – dedicated to the A’s players and ...

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The Oakland A’s will NOT be moving to San Jose, thanks to the Supreme Court It’s a situation that has been talked about for the last 15 years, the idea that the Oakland Athletics will move to San Jose – or anywhere else for that matter. Moving the Oakland Athletics has been the subject of conversation since 2001. For some reason no one can seem to figure it out. Former MLB commissioner Bug Selig said he would have a plan in place by the time of his retirement in January 2015, and new commissioner Rob Manfred has said that he is […]

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