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Will the return of Ketel Marte provide the spark the Mariners need? Although you may not of heard of Ketel Marte due to the influx of amazing rookies in 2015 and the fact that he was a prospect in the Seattle Mariners’ underwhelming farm system, he’s made an impact on the team both on the field and in the clubhouse. So it’s no wonder that despite their 3-1 loss to the Cleveland Indians on Monday, the Mariners were very happy to have Marte back in the lineup. He’d been out with a thumb injury he incurred while attempting to steal […]

Return of Marte could be the spark Mariners need

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Who will be the Mariners’ utility player in 2016? Seattle Mariners’ new general manager Jerry Dipoto has done well at improving his team under some difficult circumstances. He was given limited funds, with most of the team’s money invested into just four players, a low-ranking farm system (meaning no viable prospects) and the task to turn the team into “win now” contenders in the American League. He turned over more than 40% of the team’s roster in his attempt to successfully complete his task. He’s also done so without making too many positions overcrowded. There will be a question of […]

A position battle for utility player? You don’t see that ...

ketel marte, marte
The Seattle Mariners don’t have a recent history of choosing/signing young players either in the draft or as amateur free agents. When I was beginning to write this the jury out on whether or not this is the fault of general manager Jack Zduriencik or the fault of the Mariners’ minor league staff in charge of helping these players develop. It could be a bit of both, but Zduriencik was recently relieved of his duties as general manager, so it appears the team’s ownership decided it was Zduriencik’s responsibility. Regardless of how or why the prospects in the Mariners’ farm system […]

Rookie Ketel Marte a pleasant surprise for Mariners