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My favorite baseball moment (written to *hopefully be published as part of an upcoming book, details soon if it is included) The most amazing baseball moment in my life began with a loss. It wasn’t at all your everyday regular season, we can get ‘em tomorrow, kind of loss. The Oakland Athletics were up two games in the 2012 American League Division Series going into Detroit and a couple of days later found themselves back in Oakland for Game 5. Detroit Tigers’ had their star pitcher, the reigning AL MVP AND Cy Young Award winner, Justin Verlander, on the mound. […]

My favorite baseball moment

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What happened to Sonny Gray? Well, so much for my dream re-match of the pitcher’s duel that was Games 2 and 5 of the 2013 American League Division Series. Just a rookie who had been called up in July, Sonny Gray faced Justin Verlander in the postseason twice. He was brilliant in one outing and had a quality start in the other. Gray got a no-decision and a loss. Yet, for those of you who remember – Verlander was today’s Clayton Kershaw. He had won the AL MVP and AL CY Young just two seasons prior and was considered one […]

So much for my dream re-match between Gray & Verlander

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Will Khris Davis keep his much improved offense going? Khris Davis hasn’t had a great start to his season. Actually, until recently most would have called it dismal, but it seems that Davis is finally starting to turn a corner with his bat. Wednesday night, his turnaround continued as he launched a 449-foot monster of a home run off Justin Verlander in the Athletics’ eventual loss to the Detroit Tigers. Statcast has his exit velocity at 112 MPH. This ball didn’t just go out of the yard it went way, way out. It’s definitely worth a look: Thankfully for Oakland, […]

A’s Khris Davis seems to have finally turned an offensive ...

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Gray or Verlander: Who’s got the edge in the re-match? The last time these two pitchers went head to head in a game one was the 2011 Cy Young  Award and 2011 American League MVP  and the other was a rookie who had been called up to the big leagues in July. Oh and it was three years ago in the postseason. The pitching champ was Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tiger. The rookie a kid named Sonny Gray, from the Oakland Athletics. The Tigers had already defeated the Athletics in 2012, taking the ALDS to a full five games. […]

Gray and Verlander finally meet again for 2013 ALDS re-match

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Has King Felix already begun to decline due to his heavy workload over the last 11 seasons? Felix Hernandez, known around the league as King Felix, has been one of the most dominant and most durable pitchers in baseball since his debut in August of 2005. He came into the league a flame-throwing rookie, and though his velocity has dropped pretty dramatically, he pitches with finesse and is still extremely effective. But are the innings beginning to take a toll on King Felix, who turns just 30 on April 8? How many more Opening Day starts does Hernandez have left […]

Has King Felix’s heavy workload begun to catch up with ...

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*Written originally for FanRag Sports’ Today’s Knuckleball I realized that there were parts that I wanted to highlight and pieces that I wanted to add. To read the original version, you can click on the link below: Timing Finally Right to Award Sonny Gray Sonny Gray might not be leading the American League in ERA now. He has struggled a bit in his last two starts but he has, for the majority of the season, been the AL’s ERA leader. He might not be leading the league in wins. His team couldn’t provide him with the proper run support. The Oakland […]

It’s well past the time to acknowledge Sonny Gray as ...

After the 2013 season, Robinson Cano, arguably the best second baseman in baseball, surprised everyone by electing to explore free agency instead of immediately re-signing with the New York Yankees – the only team he had played with during his nine-year career. Still, it was widely assumed that he would become the next in a line of Yankees to play his entire career wearing pinstripes (Jeter, Rivera, Posada, etc.). In December of that year, he further shocked the baseball community when he signed with the Seattle Mariners for 10 years and $240 million. The Yankees’ highest offer reportedly came in […]

Is Cano’s contract the worst in baseball today?

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Oakland Athletics’ manager Bob Melvin made a startling announcement this morning that rocked the East Bay! …. Ok, really it was a pretty obvious and mundane announcement but it’s still exciting! It means that Opening Day is closer than ever! Melvin announced that 25-year-old Sonny Gray will be the A’s Opening Day starter at home against the Texas Rangers on April 6. If this shocks you then you have never heard of baseball or …. well, yep. That’s it. Gray was the obvious choice for the start. He led the staff during the first half of last season when the A’s […]

A’s manager Bob Melvin makes shocking announcement

  Happy Sunday! It’s that time again, time for my column and today we are talking pitchers – who’d you start in a “win or go home” situation? Say it’s game 7 of the World Series and it’s your favorite team’s championship on the line. What current MLB pitcher would you want starting that game for your team? Would it be the guy with the best ERA? Best playoff record? Most wins? It’s a tough call, for sure. There are all kinds of variables in reality such as what team you are playing against, righty or lefty, the ballpark you […]

10 best MLB pitchers when you need a win (Sunday ...