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The starting pitching in Seattle has been drawing interest from around baseball. According to FanRag Sports’ Jon Heyman, teams have come calling about veteran Wade Miley and two of their younger starters in Taijuan Walker and James Paxton. Friday, however, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports spoke with Mariners’ general manager Jerry Dipoto, who didn’t dispel any rumors surrounding the team parting with Miley but he made sure that everyone should know that the team will not be parting with Walker or, according to SB Nation’s Chris Cotillo, Paxton. Both the Texas Rangers and the Chicago Cubs, among others, have called […]

Mariners need to trade Walker and Paxton while they still ...

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Keeping Martinez by far Dipoto’s smartest move When Jerry Dipoto took over as the new general manager of the Seattle Mariners prior to the season he made more than a few changes. He flipped over 40% of the Mariners roster between mid-September and mid-December. Dipoto kept a handful of the front office staff in assistant GM Jeff Kingston and two scouting directors in Tom McNamara and Tom Allison. He brought in his former assistant general manager with the Los Angeles Angels Scott Servais, a man with no managerial experience, to manage the team in place of an experienced skipper in […]

Keeping Martinez as hitting coach was Dipoto’s best move for ...

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Who will be the Mariners’ utility player in 2016? Seattle Mariners’ new general manager Jerry Dipoto has done well at improving his team under some difficult circumstances. He was given limited funds, with most of the team’s money invested into just four players, a low-ranking farm system (meaning no viable prospects) and the task to turn the team into “win now” contenders in the American League. He turned over more than 40% of the team’s roster in his attempt to successfully complete his task. He’s also done so without making too many positions overcrowded. There will be a question of […]

A position battle for utility player? You don’t see that ...

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Has Jerry Dipoto done enough to improve Seattle’s bullpen? Jerry Dipoto, the new general manager of the Seattle Mariners, has been busy, busier than any other GM in baseball this offseason. He has improved his team, if not drastically then incrementally across the board, by making smaller changes to try and build around the team’s core (and most expensive players): Felix Hernandez, Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager and Nelson Cruz. Dipoto has done so without a strong farm system to pull/trade from or the money to sign a big-name free agent. There is no doubt that the Mariners should be better […]

Seattle’s bullpen may be their undoing in 2016

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Dipoto swipes Iwakuma right out from under Dodgers Just earlier this week I wrote that the Seattle Mariners’ new general manager Jerry Dipoto had been busy this offseason and while some of his moves seemed questionable, overall he’d done a good job remaking the Mariners with what he was given to work with. Now, it’s quite obvious that despite a questionable move here and there, Dipoto is very good at his job. Late Thursday night Dipoto and the Mariners announced that they had re-signed starting pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma. Yes, you heard that correctly and yes, may seem confusing. The 34-year-old […]

Dipoto moves swiftly, swipes Iwakuma away from Dodgers

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Has GM Jerry Dipoto turned the Mariners into AL West contenders? Jerry Dipoto, who was named the new general manager of the Seattle Mariners in late September, has been the busiest GM in all of baseball during his short tenure. Once the offseason hit, Dipoto did not hesitate to hit the ground running. He’s made nine trades and signed five free agents, which is more than any other team’s GM has been able to make happen. He’s also had to reconfigure the front office staff and the managerial and coaching staffs. He allowed legendary Mariner Edgar Martinez to stay on as […]

Jerry Dipoto has almost rebuilt the Mariners with few resources

New Seattle Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto is certainly building an interesting core around him, both in the Mariners’ front office and in the clubhouse. Some of his recent hires, however, appear to be somewhat questionable, especially his choice for the team’s manager. Thursday, the Mariners introduced the former assistant general manager of the Los Angeles Angels, Scott Servais, as their new skipper. An interesting choice, but Dipoto was clearly looking for someone he knows he can trust, even at the expense of managerial experience. He interviewed quite a few candidates, including Tampa Bay Rays third base coach Charlie Montoya, […]

Do some of Dipoto’s recent moves seem questionable?

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Martinez is Seattle’s best choice for new skipper With the firing of Seattle Mariners’ manager Lloyd McClendon, even in the midst of the playoffs the question is beginning to be asked. Who will be the next manager of the Seattle Mariners? Whoever it is will have to take on a win-now mentality with so much money invested in players like Robinson Cano, Nelson Cruz, Kyle Seager and Felix Hernandez. The new manager will have to have to believe in using analytics and sabermetrics, and be willing to take this more “new school” approach and run with it. The new manager […]

Dipoto needs to hire Edgar Martinez for Seattle’s new skipper

Jerry DiPoto
Jerry DiPoto, former general manager of the Los Angeles Angels and, briefly, advisor for the Red Sox, has officially been named the new GM of the Seattle Mariners.  Mariner’s president Kevin Mather was hoping to find someone with experience, but someone who also had the “new school” aptitude for statistical analysis and sabermetrics, something former Mariners’ GM Jack Zduriencik sorely lacked. At age 47, former-pitcher DiPoto fits the bill. DiPoto is walking into what could be called, in technical terms, “a giant mess,” with most of the Mariners payroll devoted to just four players and the team’s farm system in […]

DiPoto needs to make a splash in Seattle

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The Los Angels Angels are seemingly doing fine, at least when you look at the standings. They currently sit in second place in the American League West, just four games behind the first place Houston Astros and only a half-game out of a Wild Card spot. However, if you glance at the events of the last few months surrounding the organization, it’s easy to see that the Angels are actually in a very precarious situation. It’s one that they may not be able to get out of, at least not anytime soon, even with the trade deadline being right around the […]

Trade Deadline Preview: Los Angeles Angels

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I’d been wondering if this might happen myself. Now that the Los Angeles Angels have issued a statement I realize I wasn’t the only one wondering what the team’s reaction would be to whatever news that came along with Josh Hamilton‘s confession that he had relapsed on alcohol and cocaine. Would the Angels feel like they’d be better off with Hamilton suspended (likely without pay) and without him in the lineup or with Hamilton back? And which outcome were they most hoping for? Hamilton’s confession of a drug and alcohol relapse was excused without penalty, meaning he can return to […]

So, the Los Angeles Angels are pretty pissed …

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Update: February 25, 2015 5:05pm PT Apparently, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports Hamilton confessed to using cocaine a couple months back but had not tested dirty. Personally, I would not call that “worse” than PED’s since I spent the last, oh almost, two hours researching the effects and ultimately both end with death if a user cannot stop using and is completely addicted.  As it turns out Hamilton may not recieve a suspension as a result of his confession. As a first time offender Hamilton will likely enter a treatment program. Hear hamilton had relapse. Believe occurred a […]

Update: Josh Hamilton confesses to use of cocaine