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The seal has been broken by the Atlanta Braves. They’ve made the first free agent signing of the offseason; R.A. Dickey. The #Braves today agreed to terms with R.A. Dickey (@RADickey43) on a 1-year MLB contract for the 2017 season with a club option for 2018. — Atlanta Braves (@Braves) November 10, 2016 Dickey, who turned 42 on October 29, was a first round draft pick of the Texas Rangers – way back in 1996. He spent a significant amount of time playing for the Rangers, New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays with short stints in Seattle., Milwaukee […]

Braves make first free agent signing of the year

Iwakuma, dodgers
Dipoto swipes Iwakuma right out from under Dodgers Just earlier this week I wrote that the Seattle Mariners’ new general manager Jerry Dipoto had been busy this offseason and while some of his moves seemed questionable, overall he’d done a good job remaking the Mariners with what he was given to work with. Now, it’s quite obvious that despite a questionable move here and there, Dipoto is very good at his job. Late Thursday night Dipoto and the Mariners announced that they had re-signed starting pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma. Yes, you heard that correctly and yes, may seem confusing. The 34-year-old […]

Dipoto moves swiftly, swipes Iwakuma away from Dodgers

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A’s taking necessary risks to compete in 2016 The Oakland A’s have made quite a few moves this offseason, but in comparison to last season, this year has been an easy one on executive vice president of baseball operations Billy Beane and general manager David Forst. They knew where their biggest holes were and they’ve filled them both through trades and free agent signings. Some of those signings, however, have people scratching their heads and wondering if the A’s executives have made the right decisions. They’ve signed two pitchers, reliever Ryan Madson and starter Rich Hill, both of whom are 35 […]

A’s taking necessary risks to compete in 2016

Mets fans, cult-hero
Re-signing of Colon should make Mets fans happy I can’t (no, wait I totally can) believe I am writing another post about him but who doesn’t just LOVE him?! I mean he’s so happy and just look at that face! I honestly don’t think there is a player who loves the game more. It’s infectious! Right? That’s why, and if you’ve read my blog before then you probably already know, I’m totally #TeamBartolo!! Fans of the New York Mets got good news on Wednesday, their team has re-signed everyone’s favorite player Bartolo Colon. It’s just a one-year deal as Colon […]

Mets’ fans rejoice! Mets re-sign Bartolo Colon to one-year deal

Here is your quick Hot Stove recap! Alright, I don’t know about you guys but these days I don’t get to keep up with every little baseball transaction, especially during the holidays! If you’re like  me you’d appreciate a hot stove recap cheat sheet where you can catch up on weeks of big trades in a short period of time!  I just don’t have the time to keep up and cover each trade on my blog and while it bugs me, I much prefer making money (and let me tell you this blog doesn’t! lol!) working everyday. I’m still working […]

ICYMI: Hot Stove recap from 11/17-12/1/15

Mark Melancon
Is Mark Melancon a good fit for Houston? For a team that has said from the end of their playoff run that they need a big-time closer, the Houston Astros are moving at what feels like a snails pace. The names of virtually every good closer were thrown around, with trading for Craig Kimbrel being at the top of the list. However Kimbrel was traded from the San Diego Padres to the Boston Red Sox. The Milwaukee Brewers and the Detroit Tigers struck a deal that sent Francisco Rodriguez to the motor city, while the Astros are seemingly still kicking […]

Mark Melancon is Astros’ best option as closer

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Lowrie, Lawrie and the reasons it all makes sense The trade made Wednesday that sent Brendan McCurry, a 23-year-old pitching prospect from the Oakland Athletics’ organization, to the Houston Astros for utility-infielder Jed Lowrie will not be one of the offseason’s biggest impact trades. It almost certainly will be seen, as Lowrie himself put it, “weird, right?” Given Lowrie’s career path over the past four years, using the word “weird” to describe this trade is legit. I can quite honestly attest to this as someone who openly follows the A’s and, as a result, the rest of the American League West. […]

Lowrie, Lawrie and why bringing Jed back to the A’s ...

hot stove
Hot Stove season has now officially begun The Hot Stove season has been moving hella fast this year, or at  least it seems that way to me. Teams area always making big deals and signings during this part of the baseball season (yes, pretty much year-round there is some kind of “baseball season” and this is the “Hot Stove” season).  Usually most of them seem to come after the Winter Meetings that take place in early December, but this season has really taken off since last week’s GM Meetings in Florida. Here’s just what happened on Friday, which takes the […]

Hot Stove: ICYMI on Friday, because it was crazy

Should James Shields be worried that he didn’t take the Royals qualifying offer of $15.3 million for one-year? The jury is out on this question but it appears that maybe he should be starting to fret, at least a little bit. The market for Shields is really a complete mystery, except for one offer from an unknown team supposedly on the table that has not been confirmed. Shields’ agent, Page Odle, has continually declined to comment on anything since the free agent process began. What little is known about the market for Shields is that it appears to be shrinking, according to […]

Even with a reported offer on the table, James Shields ...

The Chicago White Sox and general manager Rick Hahn continued to impress with their offseason moves last night by signing outfielder Melky Cabrera. The agreement between Melky and the White Sox was first reported by a Chicago sports talk radio station, WSCR 670-AM. Not long after that annoucement Cabrera’s new teammate from the South Side centefielder Adam Eaton tweeted, confirming the good news, The Melk Man!!! Welcome fella!! @TheMelkman53 #NewTeammates #SouthSide — Adam Eaton (@AdamSpankyEaton) December 14, 2014 The details of the deal have not been released to the public but it is believed to be, pending a physical, somewhere along […]

White Sox continue to add on, sign Melky Cabrera

*My original intent was NOT to insult anyone, so let’s try this again and see if my point comes across a bit better, ok? Ok. Here we go … I realized the importance of the distinction between the type of female baseball fan (but it can go for all sports) described, for lack of better descriptive words, “groupies” or “cleat chasers” or just plain “bandwagon fans” who like the sport because the team is winning and it is the “in” thing to like and a female baseball fan who is actually takes sports seriously, understands the game and strives to […]

Not a groupie, not a cleat chaser, just a girl ...

There’s been talk that my team the Oakland A’s are trying to trade first baseman/outfielder Brandon Moss. There was talk last night of a deal between the A’s and the Cleveland Indians that included Moss.’s Jane Lee says there are no deals in place with the Indians and I think that’s the way it needs to stay. But ESPN’s Jayson Stark and Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal have said that trading Moss is all but inevitable. 🙁 There should be absolutely no trading of Brandon Moss!! This slide show will give you five (very compelling) reasons why trading Moss is a […]

5 Reasons the A’s should NOT trade Brandon Moss!!