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Future Hall of Famer Beltre should remain with Rangers Third baseman Adrian Beltre has spent nearly a third of his 18-year big-league career with the Texas Rangers. He will be eligible for free agency next fall, but he would like to finish his career with the team he has had his best years with. The aging Beltre will be 37 this season, and while that may seem old for a contract extension, he’d like to remain with the team he’s called home for the last five years, saying recently, “If they want me, I guess I will probably be here.” President of baseball operations […]

Rangers should extend Beltre’s contract sooner than later

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Is the designated hitter a legitimate position in baseball? As baseball continues to evolve, even purists need to adjust to change. It’s doing so more quickly than it has in the past. Everyone involved with the game needs to learn to agree and keep up, which includes the argument of the designated hitter. The designated hitter position has been around for 43 years and people still debate whether or not the rule should exist. With all the changes that happened so quickly over the past 15 to 20 years, why is this the one that no one can agree on? […]

It’s time to accept the designated hitter as a legitimate ...

The Case of Halladay v. Clemens on Twitter Just in case you missed it, there were athletes fighting on Twitter – well, kind of – and no it did not have anything to do with Curt Schilling making some asinine statement about “disproving evolution” (do NOT listen to him! Talk about crazy!). No, this little battle was between former pitchers Roy Halladay and Roger Clemens, who were once teammates on the Toronto Blue Jays when Halladay was just coming up in the league. Both are Hall of Fame caliber pitchers, however, Halladay who retired in 2013 isn’t on the ballot […]

Twitter feud: Halladay vs. Clemens (ICYMI)

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Monday the ninth player in the history of the Cincinnati Reds hit his 200th homer run. It came on the first pitch from San Diego Padres starter Ian Kennedy, an 89 mph four seam fastball. The ball sailed 406 feet into right field, just clearing the wall. Reds’ outfielder Jay Bruce had hit his 200th home run. But he said that he doesn’t really think about that kind of stuff, “It’s crazy to think about it, but honestly I don’t think too much about where I stand or where it stands in history just because you’re so consumed by the […]

Jay Bruce joins elite group of Reds with 200th HR

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You wouldn’t know it, mainly because the media have been focusing on three of the greatest pitchers who dominated during and despite a time of unprecedented offensive production in the Major Leagues, but Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz are not the only ones being inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend. Long-time Houston Astros’ catcher turned one of baseball’s all-time best second basemen, Craig Biggio, will also become a member of the Hall of Fame in 2015. While this might not seem like a bigger deal than the three pitchers he will be being inducted with, […]

Craig Biggio: Houston’s Hero

Its an argument that has been going on since Commissioner Bart Giamatti banned baseball’s All-Time hits leader from the game for life. But now it has been over 25 years. It’s been long enough that it is time. It is time for Major League Baseball to forgive Pete Rose. It’s an argument that will always be there whether Rose is reinstated or not. This isn’t the first time anyone’s written about it. Hell, it is not even the first time that I have written about it!! I did a column on Fansided.com last year about this very debate. Obviously, my […]

Has it been long enough? Should MLB forgive Pete Rose?

*If you reach this post from the home page of bbstmlb.com then you need to click on the post title in order to see the slide show. What can I say about Curt Schilling? I could say one thing or a lot of things. I could call him “clueless” to be nice, or an “idiot,” if I’m not being so nice.  It’s just that he really doesn’t ever seem to know what he is talking about. And he talks … A LOT. He talks on Twitter to 98.1K followers daily, he talks on th radio, he’ll talk to anyone who […]

3 reasons you shouldn’t follow Curt Schilling on Twitter

Some people call him a one-dimensional player. Some say he’s one of the greatest hitters the game’s ever seen, in fact the game’s greatest relief pitcher Mariano Rivera would’ve said it. Actually he did. After retiring from baseball after the 2013 regular season, baseball’s all-time saves leader was interviewed by Charlie Rose. When asked if there was ever a batter he was afraid to face Rivera, who had always maintained that he was never afraid on the mound (with that devestating cutter who would be?), said, “I will put it like this: The only guy that I didn’t want to face, […]

Edgar Martinez: More than “just a DH” (a case for ...

2015 marks the 14th time Alan Trammell has been on the Baseball Writers’ Association of America’s (BBWAA). Lucky for Trammell, he doesn’t fall under the new rules of induction to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Newer players to the ballot have just 10 chances to get into the Hall of Fame. Having had already over 10 appearances on the ballot Trammell remains under the old rules that a player could stay on the ballot for up to 15 years provided they continued to get at least five percent of the vote. He’ll have one last chance next season, assuming […]

Alan Trammell: the player the Hall of Fame seems to ...

Nomar Garciaparra was one of an era of great shortstops. Also playing shortstop in the league at the time were the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and Miguel Tejada and each were excelling at their position. Garciaparra had a lot of competition and still exceeded everyone’s expectations. Nomar is best known for his time with the Boston Red Sox. He made his major league debut in 1996 against the Oakland Athletics which coincidentally is the team he ended his career with. During his rookie season in 1997, Nomar hit 30 homers, set a Red Sox rookie record with 209 […]

The case for Nomar Garciaparra’s induction to the HOF

Craig Biggio, who spent his entire 20-year career playing for the Houston Astros, should already in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He should have been inducted in his first year of eligibility but that’s over and done now. Still there is no reason for him not to be inducted as part of the class of 2015. For starters, he is only one of three members of the 3,000 hit club to have yet to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The other three? Well, there is Pete Rose who has been banned from baseball for life and is […]

The curious case of Craig Biggio and the Hall of ...

I know it’s a couple minutes after midnight on the East Coast (but out West it’s still December 25, 2014!) and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/Hanukkah or as in my case Winter Solistice (a couple days late!)! Happy Holidays!  Today is another kinda of “holiday” and if you have ever seen him play (esp. live), you’d know why this day can be considered a different kind of holiday. On Christmas day in 1958 the greatest base stealer to ever play the game of baseball was born. This Christmas marks his 56th bithday, which I think deserves at […]

Happy Birthday Rickey Henderson!