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Bartolo’s got a cult following!  (*and I didn’t even start it but I will be a part of it!! LOL! #TeamBartolo!) Everyone loves Bartolo Colon. The 42-year-old has wowed the baseball community not just his incredible command when he pitches but his crazy defensive plays, happy-go-lucky attitude and, most interestingly, his antics at the plate. He’s got a following and has truly become what you might call a cult hero. It’s strange, however, because Colon was once suspended 50 games for testing positive for testosterone. He seems to be one of a select few players who’s been forgiven. The only […]

Bartolo Colon: baseball’s first cult hero

MLB in Cuba
Rays to play exhibition game in Cuba  The Tampa Bay Rays and even President Obama will be in Cuba later this month while the Rays take on the Cuban National team.  Something of this magnitude that has not occurred in almost 20 years, when the Baltimore Orioles played an exciting two-games series there in 1999. And even then President Clinton was not in attendance. We are honored that @POTUS plans to attend the @raysbaseball game in Havana, Cuba, on March 22. — MLB (@MLB) March 2, 2016 President Obama tweeted back expressing his enthusiasm. Play ball! — President […]

Mending ties with Cuba begins with baseball

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Re-signing of Colon should make Mets fans happy I can’t (no, wait I totally can) believe I am writing another post about him but who doesn’t just LOVE him?! I mean he’s so happy and just look at that face! I honestly don’t think there is a player who loves the game more. It’s infectious! Right? That’s why, and if you’ve read my blog before then you probably already know, I’m totally #TeamBartolo!! Fans of the New York Mets got good news on Wednesday, their team has re-signed everyone’s favorite player Bartolo Colon. It’s just a one-year deal as Colon […]

Mets’ fans rejoice! Mets re-sign Bartolo Colon to one-year deal

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Foreword: What I’ve termed the “Great Fan Debate” is going to be a series of posts on BBST that will address issues that I’ve heard argued over the 30 years I have been a fan of the game. Namely arguments about what makes a “true” or “real” fan. There are many different definitions and different points that people make to say why their a better fan than someone else or why someone isn’t a “true” fan. Through this process I’m hoping I will be able to come up with some criteria that seem agreeable and fair on how to tell […]

Part one of the Great Fan Debate: Leaving early

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Oakland Athletics closer Sean Doolittle, much to the joy of the fans, his teammates and even his former teammates, looked like himself for the first time since 2014 when he took the mound in the ninth inning on both Sunday and Monday. Not in line for a save on Sunday, the stadium was still buzzing with excitement that Doolittle would be back pitching in the ninth. He gave up a hit but retired the next three batters, getting one to strike out. The A’s still lost to the Seattle Mariners, but from what was said on Twitter, that loss didn’t seem […]

Doolittle’s triumphant return celebrated by the East Bay

In an interesting turn of events there will be no press conference in which New York Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez will issue the public apology required of his by his team for his use of performance enhancing drugs, his subsequent suspension and the litany of lies he told to attempt to cover his tracks and prove his innocence. For the last few days the baseball world has speculated on when and where this public apology would take place. All that was known was that Yankee Stadium was a possible venue and that the apology had to come prior to February […]

A-Rod issues hand-written apology

Well, he may have gotten some, well, key hits but it was the A’s who emerged victorious on Josh Donaldson’s three-run walk-off !!! One does have to wonder if he ran into the club house crying?! Bet his teammates would never tell because of all the “support” the organization has for him …. I’d be embarrassed if  I were on the Orioles – that kind of behavior will stick with you! As evidenced by the outpouring of love from A’s fans last night!! Here’s a little picture blog just so you get the idea! Enjoy!        

A’s fans out in force after Machado!

This was a really great piece on some friends of mine and really show the spirit of the Oakland fAnily!  While I am a behind the bullpen person (yes there’s a 128-129 crew too), I love to kick it with the Left and Right Field Bleacher kids when I can! They are good people and we are all one fAnily! #LetsGoOakland!!! Totally worth a watch!!! You might learn a little something in the process … btw, did I mention #IBelieveInStephenVogt?!!!  Well I do and #IHellaLoveOakland!! #fAnily!! This is how it is in our town! I hope you enjoy this little peek into what […]

Meet the fAnily in Oaktown (video!)

In May I was super surprised that Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk  debuted at number 34 after just a week after I moved my blog over from Blogger to WordPress and made it one of the MLBlogs!  So I was interested to see how I would do actually in a full month. Well I moved up 17 spots to … number 17 for the month of June!! That is hella AmAzing! Still I would LOVE to see Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk to climb higher on the list! Always aspire for more right? That mentality helped me get my greAt […]

Moving on up (but aspiring to go higher!) … thank ...

**Disclaimer** *I will say that I do know there are about 5% of TRUE giants fans out there – this is not directed at you!!*   A letter to the 1989 Giants fans and to all gnats “fans” everywhere – Closing in on the 25th  anniversary there has been more and more talk about 1989 World Series, game three and the earthquake. Talk to a giants fan and you will hear excuse, after excuse, after excuse (addressed here in no particular order). That’s what San Francisco fans do though – whine, use excuses and arguments that don’t count – like “well […]

Confronting giants “fans” earthquake excuses

Attention A’s Fans – Here is what our closer, yes, our “Doo” said about us on HardballTalk : “We spent all offseason telling the new guys about how great our fans were. And from game one — game one — he got booed off the field. We’re sitting in the dugout looking around. I can’t remember that happening since I’ve been here. We went through some rough patches last year when we were pretty bad, but I don’t remember the boo birds coming out like that.” “I mean, we all take notice of it. One guy was giving him the double-barreled middle finger above […]

Hey A’s Fans! Do you really want to disappoint Doo??