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What does a real MLB dynasty look like?   I’ve been wanting to write this piece for forever – I’ve started and I’ve stopped but this picture is an inspiration to finally write the story I need to write. The “even year” San Francisco Giants are NOT a dynasty and the above picture illustrates that, but I have examples beyond that, that help prove my point. DEFINITION OF A DYNASTY: According to the dictionary this is the definition of a dynasty: a succession of rulers who are members of the same family the period during which a certain family reigns That can be […]

What is the definition of a real sports dynasty?

Quick Football Interlude (I do this very rarely but from time to time) … a word from, well, me first and then a word from the NFL’s All-Time Rushing Leader – the GREAT EMMITT SMITH! ….  For any of you who don’t know me or my story here is part of it: I was born in Texas and raised on football by my father (a life-long Texan) as a Dallas Cowboys fan. Yesterday the Cowboys lost on what would have been an unbelievable play and a what was probably a bad call by the officials (many people would debate me […]

Randomly a word from Emmitt Smith ….

I’m not fan of any San Francisco sports team as many of you may have figured out by now so this latest development doesn’t surprise me in the least. Alex Rodriguez is a Forty Niner fan. Interesting, right? I first noticed this after last week’s Niner’s game when a post was circulating on Instagram of A-Rod at the Forty Niners vs. San Diego Chargers game with his Niners jersey on. The Niners lost 38-35.   A photo posted by Jen Rainwater (@oaklandassocksgirl) on Dec 12, 2014 at 2:54am PST A-Rod was at the Niners final game again Sunday at Levi’s […]

Video: A-Rod returns to Niners game, chats with Jim Harbaugh

But it will have to be later tonight …. I am watching my … DALLAS COWBOYS! Sorry about that! It’s my fave day to focus on FOOTBALL!!! Wooohooo! Go Cowboys! I will be back later with some news on Yasmany Tomas, Yoenis Cespedes and much more! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day and HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?! 😀 I Love Troy Aikman!! (in case you didn’t already know! LOL! 🙂 HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!! xoxo ~ Jen  

Happy Thanksgiving – Tomas, Cespedes and more ….

Saw this on LockerDome … seriously hilarious, although it could have been funnier if he’d fallen over and if it was Troy Aikman and not Romo but still – it’s A-Rod getting in the way of my AMAZING (best record in the NFL at 6-1!!) DALLAS COWBOYS!!  Kinda pissed that I couldn’t actually embed it – they lied to me! LOL! Anyways, check it out and enjoy! Have a great Sunday! Been a great one for me so far as the Cowboys defeat the NY Giants 31-21!  Next up watching Peyton Manning break Brett Favre’s all-time TD record against the […]

Romo runs over A-Rod! (video)