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new stadium 11
Despite stadium woes in Oakland, the commissioner has given people hope Some events from the past week may have pried open a very tiny crack in a very old and very stuck door, allowing a teeny tiny sliver of light to shine through as a glimmer of hope for fans of the Oakland Athletics. After 20 years of talking aimlessly about the team moving away or about getting a new stadium (one preferably NOT shared with a football team) there is finally a place to start that could potentially be in sight. It sounds far fetched doesn’t it? That fans […]

Oakland has reality-based hope for the future

Arte Moreno
What in the world is Angels’ owner Arte Moreno thinking? The front office executives of the Los Angeles Angels along with new general manager Billy Eppler and owner Arte Morneo have been sending mixed signals so far this offseason. Back in December Moreno stated that the Angels were not planning to seriously engage with any of the big name free agents this offseason. At the time the Angels were just $4 million under the luxury tax threshold of $189 million. The Angels owner said then that he didn’t intend to cross that threshold. Going over the luxury tax threshold costs […]

What exactly are the Angels and owner Arte Moreno doing?