Chris Taylor

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Who will be the Mariners’ utility player in 2016? Seattle Mariners’ new general manager Jerry Dipoto has done well at improving his team under some difficult circumstances. He was given limited funds, with most of the team’s money invested into just four players, a low-ranking farm system (meaning no viable prospects) and the task to turn the team into “win now” contenders in the American League. He turned over more than 40% of the team’s roster in his attempt to successfully complete his task. He’s also done so without making too many positions overcrowded. There will be a question of […]

A position battle for utility player? You don’t see that ...

An intense battle for shortstop was ensuing in the Seattle Mariners’ spring training camp between 25-year-old Brad Miller and 24-year-old Chris Taylor. A (sort-of) freak injury to Taylor ended that battle on Friday, a battle he was on the verge of winning. Taylor was hit by a pitch on what was called a foul ball during an at-bat. Taylor said he had been hit but the game continued. He remained in the game and singled in the same at-bat. After the game Taylor called the injury a bruise but further tests revealed a broken triquetrum bone in his wrist. #Mariners […]

Injury to Mariners’ Chris Taylor ends shortstop battle for Seattle