Chris Davis

power hitter
You’ve probably heard the name. Actually you have probably heard the name multiple times, however, nine times out of ten when someone says the name “Chris Davis” in the same sentence as the words “home run,” your mind jumps to slugger Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles. That’s not the Davis you’re going to read about here. The Orioles’ Chris Davis is quite a slugger, he’s one of the elite power hitters in the game today. Many names could be added to the list from Boston’s David Ortiz to the Nationals’ Daniel Murphy, who lead their respective leagues in slugging […]

A’s Davis is quickly climbing the ranks as an elite ...

dexter fowler
The Angels are wasting talent and time, they need to sign Dexter Fowler to fix their biggest problem It is time for the Los Angeles Angels to stop playing around. Maybe they need to wake up but the reality is that the team MUST deal with their issue in left field. It’s a problem that has been well documented everywhere, from right here on Today’s Knuckleball to Everyone seems to be able to see that this problem is bigger than just having a relatively decent left fielder, and they don’t even have that right now with their current platoon of […]

Angels need to get real, get Dexter Fowler

free agent chris davis
Angels need free agent Chris Davis most The Los Angeles Angels should really sign former Baltimore Oriole and free-agent Chris Davis. Actually, they need to sign Davis. They aren’t the favorites or even on ESPN’s David Schoenfield’s list of teams interested in Davis that came out on Sunday, but Davis could help fill every hole the Angels have–and there are a few. He’d be a huge help to any team because of his power, and he has been linked to a number of them. The New York Yankees could use some power. Even though Alex Rodriguez did a very nice job for them last […]

Angels should have free agent Chris Davis in their sights