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Coco Crisp takes job as high school coach 1
Coco Crisp, yes, that, Coco Crisp –  the one and only – has officially accepted a job as a high school baseball coach at Shadow Hills High School in Indio, California. One would think Coco Crisp should have and could have aimed a little higher, right? There are minor league coaching positions, scouting options, working in a front office somewhere – ya, know, maybe even in Oakland, where we adore him so much! But now Shadow Hills High School is likely to be by far the coolest and luckiest high school in the world! I wonder how many high schools […]

Coco Crisp accepts head coaching job at Shadow Hills High ...

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2016 Division Series Coverage Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my daily coverage of both the American League Championship Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Toronto Blue Jay and the National League Championship Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs!! Here’s the deal on each Division Series after the conclusion of each day’s Division Series games**:  ALDS:  Toronto Blue Jays @ Texas Rangers (*the @ sign signifies the team with home field with advantage): Game 1: Toronto 10, Texas 1 – Texas ace LHP Cole Hamels got hammered by the Blue Jays’ lineup – […]

2016 Division Series: daily recaps & updates – Final Update! ...

As was predicted it was a pitcher’s duel of almost epic proportions in New York on Wednesday night. Madison Bumgarner out pitched Thor, aka Noah Syndergaard and the New York Mets, but just barely. With their closer, Jeurys Familia, in in the top of the ninth inning with the score still stuck at nothing all an unlikely hero emerged for the San Francisco Giants. Infielder, and not everyday player, Conor Gillaspie launched a three run home run off of Familia. Gillaspie was just a fill in for the night taking over for Eduardo Nunez who hasn’t played since September 25, […]

Giants advance with help from unlikely hero, Four Division Series ...

Rich Hill, asking price, goodbye
The A’s may be asking a bit too much for lefty starter Rich Hill. According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Boston Red Sox were talking to Oakland about the veteran pitcher, but things fell flat when the A’s requested the organization’s fourth-ranked prospect, right-handed pitcher Anderson Espinoza. The Red Sox then turned around and traded Espinoza straight up for another left-handed starter, former Athletic and now-former Padre, Drew Pomeranz. Pomeranz is a better option than Hill in what is a very weak market for starting pitchers at this season’s August 1 non-waiver trade deadline. There may not be any starters on the market that […]

Is the A’s asking price for Rich Hill too high?

Brad Ziegler
Late last night while most of the east coast was probably asleep, the Arizona Diamondbacks traded closer Brad Ziegler to the Boston Red Sox.  The Red Sox filled a very immediate need by acquiring Ziegler or two minor league prospects, right-hander Jose Almonte and infielder Luis Alejandro Basabe. The team had needed bullpen help for quite sometime with both closer Craig Kimbrel and interim set-up  man Koji Uehara struggling. Kimbrel who was elected to the 2016 All-Star Game next week in San Diego even admitted that he was “a little surprised” at being named to the team due to his […]

ICYMI: DBacks’ closer Brad Ziegler traded to Boston

Rich Hill, asking price, goodbye
From unemployable at age 35 to big league ace by 36, Rich Hill defies all odds Thirty-six-year-old Rich Hill, who had bounced around for years mostly as a reliever, had control problems, suffered a personal tragedy, underwent two surgeries and then, while playing independent ball, decided to reinvent himself back into a starter, he has been much more than impressive since his return to the majors. Rich Hill returned to the majors last season to make four incredible starts as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Hill impressed the Athletics and almost every other club in the league enough […]

Defying all odds, Rich Hill is one of the league’s ...

The Case of Halladay v. Clemens on Twitter Just in case you missed it, there were athletes fighting on Twitter – well, kind of – and no it did not have anything to do with Curt Schilling making some asinine statement about “disproving evolution” (do NOT listen to him! Talk about crazy!). No, this little battle was between former pitchers Roy Halladay and Roger Clemens, who were once teammates on the Toronto Blue Jays when Halladay was just coming up in the league. Both are Hall of Fame caliber pitchers, however, Halladay who retired in 2013 isn’t on the ballot […]

Twitter feud: Halladay vs. Clemens (ICYMI)

Dave Henderson 1958-2015 Dave Henderson, lovingly known around Oakland as simply “Hendu,” passed away Sunday from cardiac arrest, approximately a month after having undergone a kidney transplant. He was just 57 years old. While I don’t know much about his career prior to 1988 when he signed with Oakland, I do know that he spent time in Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco and finished his career with the Kansas City Royals. What I can tell you is that he was one of my childhood heroes, playing center field for the A’s with his friendly demeanor towards the fans and his […]

Remembering Dave Henderson

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A’s taking necessary risks to compete in 2016 The Oakland A’s have made quite a few moves this offseason, but in comparison to last season, this year has been an easy one on executive vice president of baseball operations Billy Beane and general manager David Forst. They knew where their biggest holes were and they’ve filled them both through trades and free agent signings. Some of those signings, however, have people scratching their heads and wondering if the A’s executives have made the right decisions. They’ve signed two pitchers, reliever Ryan Madson and starter Rich Hill, both of whom are 35 […]

A’s taking necessary risks to compete in 2016

hot stove
Hot Stove season has now officially begun The Hot Stove season has been moving hella fast this year, or at  least it seems that way to me. Teams area always making big deals and signings during this part of the baseball season (yes, pretty much year-round there is some kind of “baseball season” and this is the “Hot Stove” season).  Usually most of them seem to come after the Winter Meetings that take place in early December, but this season has really taken off since last week’s GM Meetings in Florida. Here’s just what happened on Friday, which takes the […]

Hot Stove: ICYMI on Friday, because it was crazy

cespedes talks about returning to Oakland 2
 Should potential buyers be weary of signing Yoenis Cespedes? Yoenis Cespedes had a couple of unbelievable months in August and September after being traded to the New York Mets from the Detroit Tigers. In fact, he’s had a very good year on the whole, batting .291 with 35 home runs and 105 RBI combined between his time with both teams. However, once October hit and Cespedes stepped on to baseball’s biggest stage, he hasn’t been the same player the Mets had during the second half of the regular season. His offense has gone downhill since the National League Division Series, […]

Buyer Beware: Should Cespedes get a big free agent contract?

Ruben Amaro Jr. 2
Apparently former Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. was hoping for a higher position than that of first base coach,  however, if he took a minute to consider what  his current track record, both as a GM and as a former big league ballplayer, looks like from the outside he’d have to realize that he is in denial. Still, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reported last month that Amaro had retained Bob Lamonte, a prominent agent for NFL coaches and executives, to help promote him as a potential GM or manager to MLB clubs. As a former player, Amaro […]

Ruben Amaro Jr. is Red Sox first base coach and ...