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When Bryce Harper said, “Make baseball fun again” it’s doubtful this is what he meant …. Glorifying baseball brawls will just lead to more, likely among the kids who idolize the players involved    The brawl between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays that occurred two Sundays ago was one that was a long time coming. The Rangers lost to the Blue Jays in a heated 2015 American League Division Series. It was the same series that included Blue Jays’ outfielder Jose Bautista hitting on of the biggest and most important home runs of the postseason. After hitting that […]

Rougned Odor has glorified baseball brawls

Everyone knows about Yasiel Puig, everything from his ties to the drug cartel he apparently owes money to for being brought over to the US from Cuba to his crazy plays in the outfield and hard hitting bat. The one thing Puig is most famous for?? His bat flip. He flips his bat when he hits a home run or at least so I thought until I saw this video. Now I have no real issue with Puig’s showy behavior – it’s not like he is going all Manny Machado on people. Going all “Manny Machado” and acting like a […]

Puig almost hits himself with famous bat flip (video)