An important post about blogging, baseball & respect from the creator of BYB Hub

BYB stands for Bleeding Yankee Blue. It’s a very successful New York Yankees blog that was started six years ago. Since then it’s grown and Robert Casey thought of making the BYB Hub! At first it was mostly a collection of Yankees blogs, however there are now tons of different baseball blogs from one about the Boston Red Sox called Section 36 to BBST!  This is a great post by Casey on BYB Hub, baseball and most of all respect among bloggers! It’s worth a read!! Check it out: Don’t Undo What Was There Before You  By Robert Casey of BYB […]

Byb Hub

Happy Birthday BBST

Happy 3rd Birthday BBST!! 6

Happy Birthday BBST! Est. May 9, 2013 I’ll keep this short because I doubt anyone will read more than the title. LOL! BBST has been good to me over the past three years and it allows me to see how far I’ve come, after taking  an eight-year hiatus from writing – much of well – anything after college (there were more lucrative jobs out there … it is what it is!).  My first few months of posts are embarrassingly awful. I had no idea how to blog and hadn’t written in so long so they turned out to be pretty […]

An important rant – dedicated to the A’s players and loyal fans!

My RANT today – #sorrynotsorry! Dedicated to the A’s players and true, loyal Athletics fans! *Originally written for & posted on Facebook but I thought it needed to be (I hope) more widely read so here ya go: Ok, I’m SICK TO DEATH of A’s fans whining about the ownership. Does it hella suck? ABSOLUTELY, YES, IT DOES! However, is there ANYTHING that YOU, personally, can actually do about it? NO!   If you think boycotting games or discontinuing your season tickets is going to make a difference – then you’re WRONG! IT WILL NOT CHANGE A SINGLE THING!   […]

A's Love, my rant

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Astros must add depth to starting pitching rotation

Can it be? The Astros are short on starting pitching Yes, it’s true the Houston Astros starting rotation contains the reigning Cy Young Award winner in 28-year-old left-hander Dallas Keuchel. The rest of their rotation pitched well in 2015 too, however, the question is do they have enough pitching depth to handle an injury or to replace a pitcher who is having a poor season? Will they have what it takes to get to the World Series with their current rotation? After Keuchel, comes an entire rotation of right-handers. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the team won’t have […]

AL West New Year’s Resolutions 2016

At Today’s Knuckleball, the wonderful baseball site that is part of the FanRag Sports Network, where I have the absolute privilege of being a columnist – a handful of the staff were directed to write New Year’s Resolutions for our regular division. Of course I’m the resident A’s and AL West expert so below you will see one resolution for each AL West team. *(Being more candid, as I am on my blog – what’s the point of a blog if not to be slightly biased and be able to express yourself ? Right?- I think the A’s will compete […]

AL West New Year's Resolutions

2015 ALDS, Astros bullpen

2015 ALDS Game 1 Highlights

On this page I will do a short recap and post the finals scores for the games and when each series concludes there will be a recap of each! I’d love to do more on each game but that amount of time isn’t in the cards right now with my work on Today’s Knuckleball. However, I can’t just not say anything about the games so here goes … me attempting not to be too long winded …  ALDS: Texas Rangers 5 @ Toronto Blue Jays 3 Starting Pitchers: Yovani Gallardo vs. David Price Texas:  Home Runs: Rougned Odor, Robinson Chirinos Yovani […]

Ron Washington finds another chance with Oakland 2

Ron Washington is one of the most well-liked personalities in Major League Baseball, by the fans, the media, the players and his peers, despite making mistakes and having to fight his own personal demons. Washington has had his issues over the years and they’ve been quite serious, but baseball is a sport often known for giving people another chance – in many cases more than just one. So it may surprise you to learn that he actually had trouble getting back into the game after his most recent transgression. Washington resigned, abruptly, last September from his position as manager of the Texas […]

Ron Washington

walk-off balk

Off-day baseball fun facts from BBST: history of the walk-off balk

When the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Texas Rangers 1-0 on a ninth inning walk-off balk by Keone Kela, it got a lot of people talking about balks. What constitutes a balk? A balk can happen if the pitcher is in the windup position they may not disengage from the rubber on the mound unless he pitches the ball, takes one step in an attempt to pick off a runner or if he disengages from the rubber he must drop his hands to his sides. According  to the Official Rules of Major League Baseball, in the windup position: “A pitcher must step […]

2015 MLB Draft: Top 10 picks

The 2015 MLB Draft began on Monday with rounds one through competitive balance round B. (If you have any questions regarding rounds one through three or the competitive balance rounds you can check out my posts on being a MLB Draft newbie Part One & Part Two) A total of 75 amateur players were drafted on Monday but let’s take a look at the top 10 first round picks. The first three picks in the draft were all shortstops. It was the first time in MLB Draft history that this has occured. The first three picks went to the Arizona […]

2015 MLB Draft, top draft pick

matt holliday

Update: Matt Holliday placed on 15-day DL

Update: June 9, 2015 2:25 pm PT The St. Louis Cardinals announced Tuesday that left-fielder Matt Holliday has been placed on the 15-day disabled list due to a quadriceps strain he suffered Monday as the Cardinals were routed 11-3 by the Colorado Rockies. The team has already lost two of their stars to season ending injuries. Ace Adam Wainwright tore his achilles tendon and first baseman Matt Adams tore his quad muscle, an injury very similar to Holliday’s. Adams’ injury required surgery and he was moved to the 60-day disabled list on June 5. The recovery period is approximately four months […]