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Bartolo Colon signs with Twins
Go forth and rejoice! Everybody’s favorite Big Sexy pitcher is back in the game.  After being designated for assignment by the Atlanta Braves on June 29, many people wondered if Bartolo Colon would ever play in the big leagues again and everyone was in mourning — especially me! I always used the hashtag #Team Bartolo during the 2013 season when he should have won the Cy Young at age 40 and ever since!!  The #Braves today designated RHP Bartolo Colón for assignment and selected the contract of LHP Rex Brothers from Triple-A @GwinnettBraves. — Atlanta Braves (@Braves) June 29, 2017 […]

ICYMI: Bartolo is BACK!

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Team Bartolo moves south to Atlanta! Braves sign Bartolo Colon! *UPDATE: Colon will make $12.5 million in 2017. That’s more than he’s made since he was with the Angels in 2007. **UPDATE #2: See Noah Syndergaard’s reaction to the news of Bartolo’s departure from the Mets at the end of this post. The Atlanta Braves are not kidding around when it comes to their intent on winning in 2017, the year their new stadium will be having its grand opening.  They’ve now made their second signing in two days taking Bartolo Colon off the free agent market. Thursday, the Braves […]

Braves weren’t kidding; Serious about winning in new stadium, sign ...

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A’s may have the chance to fix the mistake they made with Bartolo Colon There are rumors. That’s all they are however, rumors. The rumors are about everyone’s favorite pitcher. Back on May 8th of this year I wrote about this pitcher and the cult following he’s developed. It’s only developed recently, even though he’s played 19 seasons in the big leagues. Of course I am talking about Bartolo Colon. Colon began developing a following during the 2013 season while playing in Oakland. At the age of 40 he put up numbers that were as good or better than the year […]

A’s need to right mistake they made in ’13 & ...

The real reason I love the DH! I’m likely in the minority as I write this, however, I have my reasons and understand both parts of the issue. The issue I’m talking about it the designated hitter. Now, if you knew many of my beliefs about the game, its history and the presence of the wild card, let alone the second wild card, you’d probably assume that I would be against making the DH universal. I’m not. I love the DH for many reasons, a lot of which, are born out of personal preference and it certainly doesn’t hurt that […]

The real reason I love the DH!

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Bartolo’s got a cult following!  (*and I didn’t even start it but I will be a part of it!! LOL! #TeamBartolo!) Everyone loves Bartolo Colon. The 42-year-old has wowed the baseball community not just his incredible command when he pitches but his crazy defensive plays, happy-go-lucky attitude and, most interestingly, his antics at the plate. He’s got a following and has truly become what you might call a cult hero. It’s strange, however, because Colon was once suspended 50 games for testing positive for testosterone. He seems to be one of a select few players who’s been forgiven. The only […]

Bartolo Colon: baseball’s first cult hero

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Bartolo Colon hits first career home run!! #TEAMBARTOLO BABY!!! WOOOO!!!   Your browser does not support iframes. My life is seriously complete! I could die (after I finish writing this of course!) and be completely happy! My main man in baseball (and most of you know this from reading my blog or following me on Twitter or Facebook), actually probably on the entire planet, is Bartolo Colon!  I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan until the lovable, always happy pitcher became a member of the Oakland Athletics in 2012. In 2013, and I still hold this to be true, I was […]

Bartolo Colon takes James Shields deep for first career home ...

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In the already legendary career of Bartolo Colon, why wouldn’t he be the last Expo left? This shouldn’t be too surprising. You know me and what I am going to say next, right? Oh yeah ….  #TEAMBARTOLO!! I know, I know … that’s what I always say, but quite honestly this is a miraculous thing. I mean it’s miraculous that he’s still dominant at 42. It’s miraculous that he’s still playing at 42. It’s insane that he had eight hits for the New York Mets last season at age 41 (and having always been on the chubby side) – a […]

The lone Montreal Expo left standing: Bartolo Colon

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Is the designated hitter a legitimate position in baseball? As baseball continues to evolve, even purists need to adjust to change. It’s doing so more quickly than it has in the past. Everyone involved with the game needs to learn to agree and keep up, which includes the argument of the designated hitter. The designated hitter position has been around for 43 years and people still debate whether or not the rule should exist. With all the changes that happened so quickly over the past 15 to 20 years, why is this the one that no one can agree on? […]

It’s time to accept the designated hitter as a legitimate ...

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Re-signing of Colon should make Mets fans happy I can’t (no, wait I totally can) believe I am writing another post about him but who doesn’t just LOVE him?! I mean he’s so happy and just look at that face! I honestly don’t think there is a player who loves the game more. It’s infectious! Right? That’s why, and if you’ve read my blog before then you probably already know, I’m totally #TeamBartolo!! Fans of the New York Mets got good news on Wednesday, their team has re-signed everyone’s favorite player Bartolo Colon. It’s just a one-year deal as Colon […]

Mets’ fans rejoice! Mets re-sign Bartolo Colon to one-year deal

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What free agent bargains could help the A’s in 2016? The Oakland Athletics actually have a chance to sign some free agents, even the ones who end up denying their qualifying offers. Having one of the ten worst records in baseball assures them that their top-ten draft pick is protected, and they would not have to give it up if they signed even a big-name free agent. Still, the likelihood of that happening isn’t exactly good; this is the A’s we’re talking about. They had the third-lowest payroll in 2015. Let’s assume they’re going to go after second- and probably […]

Potential free agent bargains that could help Oakland

Bartolo Colon, cult-hero
The Oakland Athletics didn’t sign veteran pitcher Bartolo Colon after he’d had one of the best seasons of his career in 2013 because they didn’t want to sign a 40-year-old to a two-year deal. Colon wanted a two-year deal and the New York Mets were happy to oblige. Since then, however, it appears the A’s may have been better off with a bit more depth in the starting rotation, especially depth that includes a well-seasoned veteran. I don’t think it could have hurt the A’s to have Colon on the 25-man roster in 2014 or 2015. I mean, he can […]

Should the A’s consider signing Bartolo Colon?

2015 NLCS
The New York Mets have swept the Chicago Cubs in the 2015 National League Championship Series (NLCS) and are now World Series bound. The Mets are have won the 2015 National League Pennant, their first since 2000. 2015 NLCS Game 4 Recap It was a sad day for the Cubs and their fans, it was even on the long predicted Back to the Future II “prophesy” day that the Marty McFly learns that the Cubs have won the World Series on Oct. 21, 2015. But the movie joke (the writer was a St. Louis Cardinals fan) was not to be, and […]

Mets, Murphy unbelievable as they win 2015 NLCS