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Sunday afternoon at the Coliseum in Oakland was already a great day for the Oakland Athletics long before Matt Olson stepped up to the plate to face Baltimore Orioles’ closer Zach Britton in the bottom of the eighth inning. The Oakland Athletics were already up by the score of 8-3 and were on the verge of getting a much needed win in front of the home crowd.  After falling behind the Orioles and starter Jeremy Hellickson 2-0, the A’s came roaring back in the bottom of the fourth inning scoring five runs. The biggest three of those runs coming off […]

A’s rookie Matt Olson hits rare homer off Orioles’ closer ...

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This is likely a recap that you already know, if you follow baseball regularly. If you do not that’s ok. Last night’s American League Wild Card Game – while intense – is somewhat easy to condense (not meant to rhyme – sorry).  The AL Wild Card one-game playoff between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles took place at the Rogers Centre in Toronto last night. The weather was nice and for the first time since 1985 (when Hall of Fame manager Bobby Cox was the Jays’ skipper) the Blue Jays hosted an open air postseason game.  According to […]

Jays defeat O’s, MadBum vs. Thor

Zach Neal
Zach Neal made, what has so far been, the most important start of his seven year professional career on Monday. It wasn’t a playoff start or an all-star game start, it wasn’t even his first start in the big leagues and it definitely wasn’t a start for a 2016 contender. This start may change the course of his career, if the Oakland A’s decide to give him another start this season. After Monday’s night’s performance against an extremely potent and highly charged AL East leading Baltimore Orioles’ lineup, he’s earned one. Well, the Orioles were tied atop the AL East […]

A’s should give Zach Neal a real shot at starting

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As the trade deadline approaches, the consensus among most baseball insiders and experts is that the options for contenders who need starting pitching are slim-pickings. Two of the main potential candidates are from the Oakland Athletics in Sonny Gray and Rich Hill, with Hill being the most likely to be traded to a team that needs a great starter in order to play deep into October. But what if the A’s were to hold onto both pitchers? It certainly wouldn’t make the many, many teams interested in Hill very happy. But who says that the A’s may not surprise everyone? Usually, […]

Should the A’s really trade Rich Hill?

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Who else is excited for a doubleheader??  When I heard that the A’s game in Baltimore was postponed yesterday I was seriously bummed … I mean really? After an off-day too? Not fair. I was ready for some baseball, right?! Who wouldn’t be? Well to my surprise, this morning I woke up to see that’s Jane Lee had reported that the game, the one I expected to be rescheduled for a date later in the season, would in fact be played today. The day-night doubleheader was immediately scheduled for Saturday as it is the only trip Oakland will make […]

A’s, O’s to play doubleheader, Valencia back in lineup

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How well can lefty-heavy rotations do in a season? It’s unusual in baseball for a team to have the majority of the pitchers in its starting rotation be left-handers. Lefty pitchers are more of a rarity and, therefore, usually a more-wanted commodity than right-handed pitchers. Having two, or maybe even three, is seen as a well-rounded rotation, but for a team to have four or five lefties in their rotation is almost unheard of. Almost. There have been teams in history though, who, like the 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers, have had enough left-handed starters to fill a rotation (though with LA’s recent […]

History of lefty-heavy starting rotations

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Why hasn‘t anyone committed to Cespedes? Yoenis Cespedes is one of the biggest names free still left on the free agent market. He probably didn’t expect to find himself without a job in January but no one has committed to Cespedes yet.That doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for outfielders; other big names are still looking for the right offer. Alex Gordon and Justin Upton are both looking for homes in 2016 and beyond. There are more than a few teams that are on the lookout for an outfielder as well, specifically for Cespedes. The Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, San […]

No one’s committed to Cespedes, For the Angels it should ...

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Will teams looking to trade for outfielders hurt the remaining OF free agents? The Colorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez is suddenly on the trading block.  Teams looking at Gonzalez include the Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants, all of whom could desperately use an outfielder (or two). Gonzalez started out slow in 2015, coming off of an injury plagued 2014, but had such a strong second half that he was able to rebuild his trade value. April and May were terrible for Gonzalez who hit just .219 with four homers. He picked it up starting in June […]

Teams beginning to look into trades instead of signing free ...

Wei-Yin Chen
It’s hot stove season, which means it’s time for free agency rumors to swirl. Here at Today’s Knuckleball, we polled our writers and had them rank this season’s free agent class. The process was simple; each writer provided his or her top-25 free agents. A first-place vote netted 25 points, a second-place vote 24, and so on.  That left us with our top-25 free agents, as decided by our writers. We begin with the man who took 25th place (amongst nearly twice that many who received votes). Here’s former-Orioles Wei-Yin Chen, who netted 46 total points: (Over the coming days […]

TKB Free Agent profile #25: Wei-Yin Chen

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I’m back online for a  few hours (Wednesday afternoon I will be officially back!!_ We are  LOVING the new house but living without cable or internet is completely insane! I have missed so much!! Ron Washington was named the new A’s third base coach, Sean Doolittle is back and Kendall Graveman is on the DL – and that’s just a small sample of one team! I can’t imagine all that I have missed in general baseball news! It’s terrible!  So back to this post. I’ve talked A LOT on my blog about why the Oakland Athletics’ lead-off hitter and center […]

Check out some of my favorite Billy Burns highlights (videos)

AL Wild Card race
On a (not so great) record-breaking Sunday for the Oakland Athletics, broadcasters Ray Fosse and Glen Kuiper talked about the A’s and their potential to use their losing season to play spoilers. By spoilers they, mean keeping their rival teams out of the playoffs. I can’t recall who said what to whom, but it went something like this, Broadcaster one: “So what do the A’s need to do to be spoilers?” Broadcaster two: “Well, for starters, they need to win games.” That may not necessarily be the case. On a day where the Athletics set a franchise record for hits allowed […]

A’s play spoiler, despite loss, in crazy AL Wild Card ...

Chris Bassitt
Oakland Athletics’ starter Chris Bassitt got the first win as a member of the Athletics Tuesday night at O.Co Coliseum as the A’s defeated the Baltimore Orioles 5-0. This was a new occurrence and first for Bassitt. The A’s have been having a down year, that’s not a secret, but it hasn’t been the fault of the A’s offense except where Bassitt has been concerned. With Bassitt on the mound the A’s had scored a total of five runs in the rookies five starts for the team.  Tuesday the team’s bats finally showed Bassitt a little love.  Bassitt had pitched […]

A’s bats finally show Chris Bassitt some love