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49 ReAsons it’s greAt to be An Athletics fAn Today, the A’s released a list of 49 reasons why it is HELLA cool to be an Athletics fan. I’m inclined to agree with them and I have reasons I could even add to their list. The team did a fun and thorough job with this list. Of course I had issues with a couple of their “reasons” but there were others that I loved so much that they brought tears to my eyes. This is a good list for a lot of A’s, or perhaps now-former A’s, fans to read. […]

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Coco Crisp, epitome, loyalty
Despite choosing to leave Oakland for Cleveland, Coco Crisp still beloved by A’s fans It’s going to be hard for Oakland Athletics’ fan to say goodbye to Coco Crisp. His trade to the Cleveland Indians was finalized Wednesday, just in time to make sure that Crisp would be eligible for the Indians’ postseason roster.  A fan-favorite, Crisp was also the longest tenured member of the A’s. Crisp played seven seasons with the Athletics, which is considered a VERY long time in Oakland, a place where the filthy-rich ownership refuses to put money into the team’s payroll to keep players long-term. Therefore […]

Coco Crisp still epitome of loyalty and leadership for A’s ...

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My favorite baseball moment (written to *hopefully be published as part of an upcoming book, details soon if it is included) The most amazing baseball moment in my life began with a loss. It wasn’t at all your everyday regular season, we can get ‘em tomorrow, kind of loss. The Oakland Athletics were up two games in the 2012 American League Division Series going into Detroit and a couple of days later found themselves back in Oakland for Game 5. Detroit Tigers’ had their star pitcher, the reigning AL MVP AND Cy Young Award winner, Justin Verlander, on the mound. […]

My favorite baseball moment

A's Love, my rant
My RANT today – #sorrynotsorry! Dedicated to the A’s players and true, loyal Athletics fans! *Originally written for & posted on Facebook but I thought it needed to be (I hope) more widely read so here ya go: Ok, I’m SICK TO DEATH of A’s fans whining about the ownership. Does it hella suck? ABSOLUTELY, YES, IT DOES! However, is there ANYTHING that YOU, personally, can actually do about it? NO!   If you think boycotting games or discontinuing your season tickets is going to make a difference – then you’re WRONG! IT WILL NOT CHANGE A SINGLE THING!   […]

An important rant – dedicated to the A’s players and ...

Honestly, I still completely back Billy on this trade. The A’s were beginning to slump before he left and he wasn’t leading the team in any offensive category. He was not my favorite player and no I did not cry about it (a lot of people did). I took it for what it was – business – we didn’t need Cespedes on our payroll when he’d be gone after 2015. We needed someone like Jon Lester to lead the team to the World Series …. Just because we are in THE FIRST AND ONLY SLUMP OF THE SEASON – doesn’t […]

For all the A’s fans who miss Cespedes ….

Ok, I KNOW A’s fan will appreciate this which is why it belongs on my blog …. BACON!!! Yeah! Am I right? I know that there is no way we will play the San Diego Padres this season but our old pal “Frenchy” got called-up today! Maybe we should have a #BaconDay in his honor? I don’t know!? That would be hella fun and I KNOW we all love Bacon but I also know that for a lot of A’s fans Bacon Day is a lot of work … it would be kinda cool and I am sure we could […]

Francoeur gets the call-up from Padres!

This was a really great piece on some friends of mine and really show the spirit of the Oakland fAnily!  While I am a behind the bullpen person (yes there’s a 128-129 crew too), I love to kick it with the Left and Right Field Bleacher kids when I can! They are good people and we are all one fAnily! #LetsGoOakland!!! Totally worth a watch!!! You might learn a little something in the process … btw, did I mention #IBelieveInStephenVogt?!!!  Well I do and #IHellaLoveOakland!! #fAnily!! This is how it is in our town! I hope you enjoy this little peek into what […]

Meet the fAnily in Oaktown (video!)