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Yonder Alonso shines at 2017 MLB All-Star Game
It is the eighth season for Yonder Alonso in Major League Baseball (really it’s just his sixth full season). He finished sixth in the National League Rookie of the Year voting in 2012, but he hadn’t yet seemed to live up to his potential offensively. And he had definitely never made an appearance in the MLB All-Star Game. Defensively he’s a complete ace as a corner infielder at first base. That was the reason that the Oakland Athletics traded Drew Pomeranz, Jose Torres and Jabari Blash for Yonder Alonso and reliever Marc Rzepczynski from the San Diego Padres. Yet he […]

Yonder Alonso shines at 88th MLB All-Star Game

Catching up on my articles
Well, being that I’ve been away from my blog but still writing I thought I would provide some links to some of my latest articles that I think might be interesting for you to read (plus, with The Inquisitr – as explained previously, I could use the extra readers)! Most of the articles are on the A’s or the AL West but lately I’ve ventured into other territory like the American League East and the National League Central. I’ve also written a couple of political and world news articles (even one NASCAR piece … shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! LOL!) but […]

Catching up on my latest articles!

All-Star Game Ballot, Athletics
Can the Athletics stop their struggles against the Royals? The Oakland A’s may have a tough time this weekend. The reigning World Champion Kansas City Royals are heading into town tonight to begin a three-game series. Unfortunately for Oakland they have a terrible track record against Kansas City, at least within the last couple of seasons. Since 2014 the Athletics have played 13 regular season games against the Royals, 14 if you include the Wild Card playoff game in 2014. They have been victorious just three times. Yes, you read that right. They have beaten the Royals just three times […]

Athletics will need offense and luck to get wins vs. ...

AL West New Year's Resolutions
At Today’s Knuckleball, the wonderful baseball site that is part of the FanRag Sports Network, where I have the absolute privilege of being a columnist – a handful of the staff were directed to write New Year’s Resolutions for our regular division. Of course I’m the resident A’s and AL West expert so below you will see one resolution for each AL West team. *(Being more candid, as I am on my blog – what’s the point of a blog if not to be slightly biased and be able to express yourself ? Right?- I think the A’s will compete […]

AL West New Year’s Resolutions 2016

winter meetings
Winter Meetings Recaps  *Each day I will be updating this with as many transactions as I can up to a certain time – between 8-9:00 pm Eastern Time! But stay with me for updates all throughout the week! 12/10: Angels/Nationals: The Los Angeles Angeles made a trade on the final day of the 2015 MLB Annual Winter Meetings with the Washington Nationals. The Angels have acquired shortstop-turned-third baseman Yunel Escobar. He’ll likely takeover at the hot corner unless talks with former third baseman David Freese turn a corner. If the Angels re-sign Freese, Escobar can slide over to play at […]

Winter Meetings Recaps (updated daily) as of 9pm ET 12/10/15

Here is your quick Hot Stove recap! Alright, I don’t know about you guys but these days I don’t get to keep up with every little baseball transaction, especially during the holidays! If you’re like  me you’d appreciate a hot stove recap cheat sheet where you can catch up on weeks of big trades in a short period of time!  I just don’t have the time to keep up and cover each trade on my blog and while it bugs me, I much prefer making money (and let me tell you this blog doesn’t! lol!) working everyday. I’m still working […]

ICYMI: Hot Stove recap from 11/17-12/1/15

Baseball still has “firsts” Baseball has been around for a very long time and has an extremely rich history. In fact, the first reference to the game was made in law that prohibited it being played near the town meeting hall of Pittsfield, MA. That law was enacted in 1792. The New York Knickerbockers were the first team, founded on September 23, 1845 and the first game played under rules that are similar to those today took place in 1846, as the Knickerbockers took on a team that called themselves the “New York Nine”. The first baseball league, the National […]

2015 Baseball “Firsts”

AL Wild Card race
On a (not so great) record-breaking Sunday for the Oakland Athletics, broadcasters Ray Fosse and Glen Kuiper talked about the A’s and their potential to use their losing season to play spoilers. By spoilers they, mean keeping their rival teams out of the playoffs. I can’t recall who said what to whom, but it went something like this, Broadcaster one: “So what do the A’s need to do to be spoilers?” Broadcaster two: “Well, for starters, they need to win games.” That may not necessarily be the case. On a day where the Athletics set a franchise record for hits allowed […]

A’s play spoiler, despite loss, in crazy AL Wild Card ...

billy burns
25-year-old Billy Burns has had a quietly AmAzing year for the Oakland A’s in 2015. Yet I think he isn’t getting the National attention he deserves and All-Star catcher Stephen Vogt agrees with my assessment (you may have read about my take on Burns in (many but specifically two) recent posts on Burns: Part 1: Are you missing out on the Billy Burns show in Oakland? and Part 2: The Billy Burns show just keeps getting better ) “He’s the Rookie of the Year so far this year. He’s not getting the recognition that he should be nationally. (But) he’s been probably […]

A’s Billy Burns is top AL ROY candidate

houston astros, dallas keuchel, starting pitching, gray
After the 2012 season, Houston Astros’ starter Dallas Keuchel almost didn’t have a job. He ended the season with 38 strikeouts and 39 walks. Yet within two and a half seasons Keuchel was named to start the All-Star Game for the American League.  How he do it? He became a guy who lived in the strike zone instead of outside it, added a pitch or two to his arsenal, worked hard and became one of MLB’s strikeout leaders … want the whole story? Check out via the link below: Keuchel’s transformation culminates in All-Star start Brought to you by […]

Dallas Keuchel’s journey to being a 2015 All-Star Game starter

Home Run Derby & All-Star Game 2
I’m a little late on reporting about the All-Star game, I know. I’ve been a little busy with work at FanRag Sports and Today’s Knuckleball but here’s a synopis of the Home Run Derby & All-Star Game highlights. Hometown Home Run Derby The Annual Home Run Derby’s rules have changed over the years but they were never anything near what we saw tonight in Cincinnati. The rules were changed earlier in the season but some amendments were made just prior to tonight’s event. Originally the players were going to get five minutes on the clock to hit as many home […]

2015 Home Run Derby & All-Star Game Highlights

The city of Los Angeles, California stole both 2014 MVP Awards on Thursday. It was just the 12th time in baseball history that two rival teams from the same area swept the MVP Awards. The last time a sweep occurred was in 2002 when Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants and Miguel Tejada of the Oakland Athletics each took a MVP Award home to their respective sides of the San Francisco Bay. Lefty starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers took home the National League MVP, while the American League Award went to Los Angeles Angeles of […]

2014 MVP Honors: Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout