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Poll Archives

Here you will find polls that have already been closed. You’ll be able to see the reactions of other readers, writers and baseball fans on past issues surrounding Major League Baseball.

BBST’s polls can range from being open for a week to a month or even the full season or postseason, depending on the question! If you missed one and you want to chime in you can leave a comment on the page of the year the poll appears on! 

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June 2015

Post Link: Should Sandoval have been benched? I had mixed reactions!

May 2015

Post Link: 2015 Trade Market: Is it too early to talk about the A’s?

Post Link: Which Corey Kluber is the real one?

April 2015

Post Link: Cubs send top prospect Kris Bryant to minor league camp

Post Link: Who’s having a better spring – Mookie Betts or Kris Bryant?

March 2015

Post Link: The 2015 comeback “kids”

Post Link: Place your bets: Will Johan Santana make a successful comeback with the Jays?


February 2015

Post Link: Yoan Moncada gives Yankees a 2nd look during private workout

Post Link: Manfred looking to alter strike zone