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Baseball still has “firsts” Baseball has been around for a very long time and has an extremely rich history. In fact, the first reference to the game was made in law that prohibited it being played near the town meeting hall of Pittsfield, MA. That law was enacted in 1792. The New York Knickerbockers were the first team, founded on September 23, 1845 and the first game played under rules that are similar to those today took place in 1846, as the Knickerbockers took on a team that called themselves the “New York Nine”. The first baseball league, the National […]

2015 Baseball “Firsts”

The Great Roberto Clemente: #Retire21 Today is Roberto Clemente Day in Major League Baseball. The nominees for the Roberto Clemente Award will be honored on this day and the winner announced in October as voted upon by the fans and members of the media. Originally instituted in 1971 and known as the Commissioner’s Award, the award was renamed in 1973, after Clemente’s tragic death on New Year’s Eve 1972. He would have been 81 this year, his birthday being just weeks ago on August 18. He passed at the age of 38. Clemente has his own day in Major League […]

Retire #21: Another Roberto Clemente Story (but better!)

shoeless joe jackson
Update: September 1, 2015 6:45 am PT It’s unfortunate, at least in my opinion, but “Shoeless” Joe Jackson will not be reinstated into Major League Baseball, despite the efforts of the curator of the Greenville, South Carolina museum dedicated to the memory of the famed ballplayer. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred rejected the petition sent by curator Arlene Marcley in a letter that was retweeted by LA Times baseball writer Bill Shaikin. Manfred’s letter declining to reinstate Shoeless Joe Jackson, courtesy of @HOVG: — Bill Shaikin (@BillShaikin) September 1, 2015 Part of Manfred’s letter reads, “I have reviewed our records […]

Update: Manfred denies latest attempt to reinstate Shoeless Joe Jackson

walk-off balk
When the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Texas Rangers 1-0 on a ninth inning walk-off balk by Keone Kela, it got a lot of people talking about balks. What constitutes a balk? A balk can happen if the pitcher is in the windup position they may not disengage from the rubber on the mound unless he pitches the ball, takes one step in an attempt to pick off a runner or if he disengages from the rubber he must drop his hands to his sides. According  to the Official Rules of Major League Baseball, in the windup position: “A pitcher must step […]

Off-day baseball fun facts from BBST: history of the walk-off ...

Granted I’m a little late with this one because my Oakland A’s had their fourth day off of the 2015 season on Monday and it is now Tuesday, I didn’t want to break my own self-imposed rule of writing about a baseball fun fact on each off-day! So, since there’s been talk of late surrounding the use of foreign substances by pitchers on the baseball I thought I’d learn a few facts about the spitball, including it’s origin and its ban. The spitball, obviously now illegal in baseball, involves the pitchers using their saliva (or now any “foreign substance”) to […]

Off-Day Baseball Fun Fact from BBST: The Spitball

baseball history
On this day in 1977 in MLB history, my all-time favorite player (that’s played in my lifetime), Dennis Eckersley, pitched a no-hitter for the Cleveland Indians who defeated the California Angels and pitcher Frank Tanana by a score of 1-0.  As you all probably know Eck went on to become one of the greatest closers of all-time with the Oakland Athletics but he started his career as a starter and threw a no-hitter for Cleveland on May 30, 1977. He is now in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Now my trivia question for you is this …..  Who was […]

On this day in MLB history 1977 … Can you ...

baseball fun fact 2
Cal Ripken Jr. gets a 22-minute standing ovation during his 2, 131 consecutive game It’s an off-day for the Oakland A’s. I know a lot of teams may not have today off but in honor of the players getting days of rest once in a while and the fans that hate it when they don’t get to see their favorite team play, here on BBST I’m going to provide you with a baseball fun fact.  Some may be more interesting than others. Last time the A’s had an off-day I chose my fact as a “this day in baseball history […]

Off-Day Baseball Fun Fact from BBST!

In a sport as old as baseball, which has been played since the 1880’s, you would think that everything that could be done has been done. There was the first perfect game, the first no-hitter, the first combined no-hitter, the first home run even. There was a first triple play, the first unassisted triple play. Yet, there are still firsts to happen. Of course players have firsts and always will. The Chicago Cubs’ third baseman Kris Bryant hit his first major league home run on Saturday. Carlos Rodon of the Chicago White Sox made his first career major league start […]

Baseball still has firsts: Pirates turn 4-5-4 triple play

I’m a little late in publishing this post – I was so busy all day getting details finished for my new business venture UpCountry Artworks – I’ll have more information on it later but since this is a baseball blog, let’s just stick to baseball, right?! Right. LOL, But today was another one of those stupid “off-days” that we all hate when it’s our team’s turn to take the day off and there is no game to watch. Although, today I did watch a bit of the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals game! That definitely helped out a lot. Doug […]

Off-Day Baseball Fun Fact from BBST!

In game one of the 2014 World Series the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals each put forth the ace of their pitching staffs in Madison Bumgarner and James Shields to start the game.  The Bumgarner easily won round one and when the two matched up again in game five he pitched even better, beginning a scoreless inning streak that won him the title of World Series MVP. With Shields now on the San Diego Padres these two will be matching up more than twice this season. Game one of the Shields vs. Bumgarner matchup turned out quite […]

Rematch: Madison Bumgarner and James Shields

On Thursday actor and comedian Will Ferrell was a Major League Baseball player. He played at five different Cactus League stadiums with a total of ten teams for an upcoming HBO special to support the fight against cancer. The participating teams were the Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, Los Angeles Angels, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. The memorbilia from Ferrell’s Cactus League extravaganza will be auctioned on The proceeds will go to Stand Up to Cancer and Cancer for College. Ferrell had to channel his inner […]

Will Ferrell finds his inner “Campy” to fight cancer

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