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Girardi names Yankees’ closer prior to spring training Monday, New York Yankees’ skipper Joe Girardi named his closer. It was going to be interesting to see what the Yankees were going to do with their triple-threat late inning relief crew of Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances and newly acquired Aroldis Chapman.  All three players would be in the conversation if you were say, discussing Major League Baseball’s best relievers. In 2015 each of the three pitchers had 100 or more strikeouts, this is the first time in baseball history that a team has had three relievers who got a least 100 […]

Yankees’ skipper Joe Girardi has already named his closer

Toronto & Oakland
What makes the pair of pitchers from Toronto & Oakland so similar yet so different? Friday afternoon, the Oakland Athletics traded right-handed starter Jesse Chavez for right-handed reliever Liam Hendriks from the Toronto Blue Jays. The two seem to be very different pitchers – one coming from the east coast, one coming from the west coast, one starts while the other pitches out of the bullpen. Yet oddly enough, the pair has had eerily similar, yet opposite, careers that, as of now, have put them on the path to success. For more on this pair of pitchers, their paths through the […]

In Toronto & Oakland Chavez & Hendriks’ opposite paths cross

It’s hot stove season, which means it’s time for free agency rumors to swirl. Here at Today’s Knuckleball, we polled our writers and had them rank this season’s free agent class. The process was simple; each writer provided his or her top-25 free agents. A first-place vote netted 25 points, a second-place vote 24, and so on. That left us with our top-25 free agents, as decided by our writers.  Coming in 23rd, with 55 points in the voting: starting pitcher Marco Estrada. [UPDATE – Reports indicate that Estrada and the Blue Jays have agreed in principle to two-year deal, the […]

TKB Free Agent Profile #23: Marco Estrada

Wei-Yin Chen
It’s hot stove season, which means it’s time for free agency rumors to swirl. Here at Today’s Knuckleball, we polled our writers and had them rank this season’s free agent class. The process was simple; each writer provided his or her top-25 free agents. A first-place vote netted 25 points, a second-place vote 24, and so on.  That left us with our top-25 free agents, as decided by our writers. We begin with the man who took 25th place (amongst nearly twice that many who received votes). Here’s former-Orioles Wei-Yin Chen, who netted 46 total points: (Over the coming days […]

TKB Free Agent profile #25: Wei-Yin Chen

Mariners and Rays 1st significant trade 5
Who won the offseason’s first significant trade? The Seattle Mariners and the Tampa Bay Rays completed a trade on Thursday. The trade was the first significant move made in the new offseason and it became official just four days after the completion of the World Series. So, while the new World Champion Kansas City Royals were still celebrating, the executives of the Mariners and of the Rays were already preparing for 2016, with the Mariners’ execs seeming to have the upper hand. Well, at least they got the better end of the deal. Both the Mariners and Rays had underwhelming seasons […]

Mariners may have gotten the better of Rays in offseason’s ...

Ruben Amaro Jr. 2
Apparently former Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. was hoping for a higher position than that of first base coach,  however, if he took a minute to consider what  his current track record, both as a GM and as a former big league ballplayer, looks like from the outside he’d have to realize that he is in denial. Still, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reported last month that Amaro had retained Bob Lamonte, a prominent agent for NFL coaches and executives, to help promote him as a potential GM or manager to MLB clubs. As a former player, Amaro […]

Ruben Amaro Jr. is Red Sox first base coach and ...

AL Pennant, Royals 7
*Just a warning … I am going to be biased in this post. Not necessarily because I don’t like the Kansas City Royals – which I do not (and not because of the 2014 WC game but because of their antics and their bush league play) – but because I honestly believe that they won this year’s AL Pennant unfairly, in fact in my opinion I don’t think they won it at all!* The game started out looking like the Kansas City Royals were taking game six with ease. David Price looked liked his usual postseason self when he allowed […]

Royals wins AL Pennant but did they really?

American League Wild Card
Who is your choice to win the American League Wild Card game? This year’s American League wild card game is, in my opinion, just too hard to predict. There are so many variables. My instinct is to go with the Houston Astros and my main reasoning is that if the Astros can get to New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka at all, new Yankee Stadium is a hitter’s park. The Astros main strategy all year to win games has been to hit home runs.  However there are a number of factors once I thought about the game a bit more […]

American League Wild Card game too close to call?

Yogi Berra
You can’t say that New York Yankees legendary catcher Yogi Berra didn’t live a long, uneventful or amazing life. All of those adjectives are true. Yet, what is truly hard to believe is that the legend is truly gone. The Yogi Berra Museum made the announcement at approximately 11:00 pm PT Tuesday night that the three-time American League MVP had in fact passed away. Both the Yankees and Major League Baseball confirmed the report. It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Yogi Berra passed away Tuesday night at the age of 90. — Yogi Berra […]

In memory of Yankee legend Yogi Berra, dead at 90

astros, unsung hero
A pair of highly unusual and coincidental ninth-inning rallies made Sunday somewhat of an anomaly in the everyday scheme of Major League Baseball. The New York Mets and the Houston Astros, who are both currently in first place in the National League East and American League West, respectively, came back to win games in which they were down three runs in the ninth inning with two outs and no runners on base. That may not seem that rare a feat, but it was the first time in Mets franchise history that they had mounted that type of comeback. It was […]

Astros, Mets have improbable, coincidental wins on same day

Not all baseball seasons end like the one in the picture. Everyone’s been on the opposite side of that, right? Then there are the season when you have that moment you realize you are just happy that you’re team didn’t get no-hit I had that moment on Friday night (and have had them before) and it went kinda like this: Texas Rangers’ pitcher Colby Lewis pitched a gem on Friday night at Globe Life Park in Arlington. He was pitching a perfect game in the eighth inning when Oakland Athletics’ third baseman Danny Valencia led off the eighth by taking […]

That moment when not getting no-hit feels like a win

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I’m back online for a  few hours (Wednesday afternoon I will be officially back!!_ We are  LOVING the new house but living without cable or internet is completely insane! I have missed so much!! Ron Washington was named the new A’s third base coach, Sean Doolittle is back and Kendall Graveman is on the DL – and that’s just a small sample of one team! I can’t imagine all that I have missed in general baseball news! It’s terrible!  So back to this post. I’ve talked A LOT on my blog about why the Oakland Athletics’ lead-off hitter and center […]

Check out some of my favorite Billy Burns highlights (videos)