Sports Fans’ Sock Swag Gallery

There ARE other sock swag fans out there!

Many of which I have been fortunate enough to come across! These are just a handful of the sock swag pictures other socks and sports fans have sent me or taken with me over the past almost three seasons!

If you see yourself in a picture just let me know and I will add your name to it! It’s been so long and I didn’t realize how many pictures I would end up with so I’m sorry but I didn’t take down the names of all you cool people who know how to rock your sock swag!!

So big thanks to all the other sock swag fans out there!!

#OaklandSockSwag is the best but feel free to contact me and send me your pictures of your socks representing any sport, any team (except the SF Giants – #sorrynotsorry) and I will be happy to add them to the gallery. 

*Gallery is still under construction but I will add more of your pics asap!


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