Oakland A’s Socks Girl’s Sock Swag Gallery

Oakland A’s Socks Girl’s Socks Swag Gallery

I’ve already explained on my History of “Oakland A’s Sock’s Girl” page how all this came to be. But in short my socks obsession and baseball obsession merged and well, they just grew together. I don’t know how many pairs of A’s socks or sports socks in general that I actually have but I do know I have at least week’s worth of socks for each sport: Baseball, Football, Basketball and even Hockey!

I am almost always wearing socks by FBF Originals, they have the best staff and are quite generous! I love them and their socks! They have the absolute best socks ever! They are amazing quality and have such a variety of styles for every team, sport and college you can imagine!

I also have socks from novelty socks stores and socks that were gifts. Most of the time I layer my socks to try and make combinations that are unique to distinguish myself from all the other #sockswag fans out there.

There is no way I will be able to find all of my socks pics, so this will not necessarily be a gallery of all my socks but I’ll do the best I can! (For more you can always find my socks on my Instagram page! Or use the hashtags #OaklandSockSwag or #OaklandAsSocksGirl to help you find them!)

*Pictures are in random order! I have a TON of them and will upload them as soon as I can get them all together! More COMING SOON! 🙂 *

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