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rolliemeMy name is Jennifer Rainwater. I’m a HUGE fan of the Oakland A’s, A’s franchise history and an avid fan of the game of baseball.

I have been a fan of Major League Baseball since I started watching Houston Astros games in Texas when I was two or three (yes, I have memories of it and an Astros bib to prove it! Seriously, my own mother didn’t believe me until she found the bib).

I went to my first game at the Oakland Coliseum when I moved to California at the age of four and I never looked back.

I’ve been a season ticket holder in Oakland for almost two decades and am locally known as the Original “Oakland A’s Socks Girl.” Interests have come and gone in my life but I have always been in love with the game of baseball.

I’m a 36-year-old sports writer always looking for opportunities learn, expand and advance my career.

I received my BA in Communications and Media Studies from St. Mary’s College of California in 2005.

During college worked as an intern at KICU 36 assisting in producing live broadcasts of A’s games (Talk about a dream come true, right?). I’ll admit that I got lucky and I spent the remainder of my college summers (2002-2005) travelling to numerous ballparks and helping produce live broadcasts of A’s games.

I don’t think that I will EVER have another job that could even possibly rival the amazing experience I had working at KICU. I got to know Ken Korach and even met the legendary Bill King. I was able to hang out with well-known and respected baseball writers like Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle.

They always treated me as an equal and taught me so much about the baseball world and the media world. I owe most of what I know today about the game to them and others I encountered along the way. 

Once I graduated, I went on to work at KTVU 2 in Oakland as a production assistant, all the while working as a full-time nanny. Spending your day in a newsroom might sound exciting and while it can be, it doesn’t pay the bills by itself. I was an assistant producer for the sports segment on the nightly news.

I later held a similar position at the Contra Costa Times working in the prep sports department, still working as a full-time nanny for a great family. Currently, I cover baseball for The Inquisitr and am in the midst of my second stint with FanSided’s flagship MLB site, Call to the Pen. Click here to find my Writing Portfolio and Resume.

10361154_10154182655040026_466309220_nBaseball is my main interest but  also enjoy other sports like football, basketball, hockey, minor league baseball, etc. I love my Dubs and miss my season tickets!! And being from Texas I have an innate love for the Dallas Cowboys and I will ALWAYS be Troy Aikman’s biggest fan!

I love my pets, am especially fond of things related to cats and penguins. Of course I also have a fondness for awesome socks!

In my spare time I prefer listening to country music but am open to all genres (except rap).

I relax by cleaning off my dvr and reading (baseball related books, Harry Potter & Hunger Games top the list), hiking and camping, bbqing and of course going to sporting events.

My fiance and I recently started selling his artwork and are hoping to grow it into a business. He works with different metals and makes everything  from wall-hangings, home and garden decor, statues/sculptures and even sports pieces. I’m very excited about this new endeavor, however, I will still be writing both to make a living and here on my blog, so feel free to comeback anytime! 

For business and all other inquires fill out the contact form on the About BBST page or send me a message on one of my social media accounts. I hope to hear from you! 🙂

Once again my resume along links to all of my published MLB articles can be found here:  Writing Portfolio and Resume


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