About BBST

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Welcome to Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk where you can find a little bit of everything baseball and some things socks!

Founded in 2013, at the urging of my friend the late, great Bob Welch, most posts do tend to trend in the direction of Oakland and often focus on the West Coast, but it’s about time there were a few more writers out there with at least a slight “West Coast bias,” right?

BBST is a compilation of original posts and posts that have been written for the FanRag Sports Network and its MLB division Today’s Knuckleball.

The official socks company of BBST is FBF Originals however sometimes layered styles are shown that include random brands. 


Feel free to contact BBST anytime! If you find a greivous statistical error, would like a guest post from the author or would like to pitch a guest post of your own to other business inquiries or to simply show off your socks in the SockSwag Gallery just fill out the contact form below!



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