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Will the Oakland Athletics keep Khris Davis or opt to trade him?

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The Oakland Athletics have a choice to make over the offseason when it comes to slugger Khris Davis. Do they sign him long-term or do they trade him?

They could use pitching both in the starting rotation and the bullpen and he’d be a great trade piece to dangle, but they could also use his 40-plus home runs a season. His leadership and veteran status, at least compared to his younger teammates, is also necessary.

Khris aka “Khrush” Davis became just the second Athletics player in franchise history, dating all the way back to Hall of Famer Jimmie Foxx in Philadelphia, to have back-to-back 40 home run seasons. Davis hit 42 homers in 2016 and bested that total with 43 in 2017.


Khris Davis, Oakland Athletics
Khris Davis. Michael Zagaris/Getty Images.


It’s a pretty incredible feat considering Davis looks nothing like the New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge or the Miami Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton, who stand 6’7″ and 6’6″ respectively.

Davis is just 5’10” and 195 lbs, yet he can hit the ball as far as the rest of the league’s sluggers even in the large confines of the Oakland Coliseum and despite the marine layer that sets in in his home stadium every night.

However, Davis’ small frame leaves him with a relatively weak arm. The only two positions he can play proficiently are left field and serving as the team’s designated hitter.

With a team of young players ready to fill the outfield positions and ones who have already taken over the infield, do the Oakland Athletics have the space and the money to sign Khris Davis long term? Find out and let me know what you think by reading and commenting on the rest of this post on FanSided’s Call to the Pen.

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