Los Angeles Dodgers need to make a move with Kershaw out

The Los Angeles Dodgers must make a move, if not for now then for the postseason

With Clayton Kershaw out for potentially four to six weeks, the Los Angeles Dodgers must make a move.

Oddly, it’s not necessarily because of the fact that Clayton Kershaw is out that the Los Angeles Dodgers need to make a trade. The offense is good enough to carry the team for now and despite a revolving door of pitchers on the disabled list, it’s possible they could make due without having to give up a top prospect for a pitcher like the Texas Rangers’ Yu Darvish or the Oakland Athletics’ Sonny Gray

Both pitchers will come with a steep price. Darvish would be a rental but if that rental helped you win your first World Series in almost 30 years then isn’t he worth it. Gray is a sketchier bet because of his recent injury history but he has two more years of team control which is at times a better bet than a rental.

Los Angeles Dodgers need to make a move
Yu Darvish. [Image by Blanco/Getty Images]
However, the Dodgers need Yu Darvish and they need to get to him quickly. They’ve faltered in the playoffs the past few seasons, IMHO, because they put all the weight on Kershaw’s back (no pun intended) – yet they do. It’s considered his fault if the team loses. 

Part of the reason they haven’t made it to the World Series is because while they have an ace in Kershaw, they truly need a solid number two pitcher and they’ve never really had one, at least recently. Darvish fills that void! The Los Angeles Dodgers have the prospects and money to secure Darvish so I say do it now!

If not for while Kershaw is out — do it for October. He needs the assistance. Kershaw may be arguably the best pitcher on the planet but he can’t get it done alone. They need a one-two punch at the front of their starting rotation. 

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