BBST is back and ready to talk some Major league Baseball

BBST is back and ready to talk some Major League Baseball!

Hi Everyone! I’m back and I’m ready to write what I want to write about: Major League Baseball and the Oakland Athletics, of course!

 As some of you may know, I took a sabbatical from my blog to work as the site expert for FanSided’s White Cleat Beat

However, it was near impossible to find and recruit: 1. People who wanted to write about the Oakland A’s (LOL!) and 2. People who were even remotely competent when it came to knowing about the team.

BBST is back and ready to talk Major League Baseball
BBST is back up and running! [Image by Michael Morgan & Jennifer Rainwater]
Ok, I’m somewhat of a hardass when it comes to knowing things about the Athletics, but for example, in one case I asked for a preview of what to expect at first base this season for the A’s. I received a couple of paragraphs with a long quote in the middle – and the quote was about Yonder Alonso, but when he was still on the San Diego Padres! That’s unacceptable, at least if I am trying to run a website. 

Plus I had to meet a certain quota of posts/page views to get paid and I just couldn’t without a competent staff or any staff at all really …. 

So I transferred back over to my old stomping ground, Call to the Pen, as a paid contributor this time and not the managing editor. That was both a blessing and a curse. I love working for FanSided, but I made a lot more money as the managing editor of the site.

I’m still writing for them on occasion and I’m currently going through my internship period at The Inquisitr. They pay well though, yes, even the interns so I can’t complain!

I’m scared, however, that they will not offer me a full-time job at the end of my internship period. They want each article to get at least 2,000 views! The Inquisitr covers everything from politics to sports to celebrity gossip – and it’s highly unlikely that anything I write about baseball is going to get 2,000 views.

There is hope though – they do take on people who don’t get 2K views per article and you still get paid the standard rate per article (higher than I am making now) if you write 10 articles a week. That sounds easy enough I could write like three to five a day on baseball. But the question is will they want to keep me? 

I mean right now the sports page is ALL basketball and we are in the middle of baseball season! They need baseball writers if they want to keep the site even relatively consistent. But all that is neither here nor there – 

BBST is back and ready to talk some major league baseball
It’s the beginning of a new era for the A’s and Major League Baseball [Image by Oakland Athletics]
The entire point of this post is that BBST is up and running – no matter what I won’t be writing all about the Oakland Athletics – wherever I end up, I have another job offer but it would be similar and I wouldn’t be able to write about the A’s and the AL West as much as I’d like – so I’m really happy to be getting my blog back up and running!!

I’m still in the process of updating the site but check back or keep an eye on my social media pages! There will be articles with a west coast bias and an Oaktown twist coming your way soon!

So thanks to all like five of you that actually read my blog …. my other posts will not be about me or what I have been up to – they’ll be about Major League Baseball with an emphasis on my favorite team the Oakland Athletics! 



And As AlwAys – Go A’s! #RootedInOakland!! (it’s an exciting time to be an Oakland fan …. we are no longer under the control of Lew Wolff and we have a group of talented kids all coming up in the league together – I remember a time like that …. the early 2000’s ring a bell?! Except this time the World Series will be ours!)

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