World Series Game Recaps

World Series Game Recaps & the conundrum of who to root for

World Series Game Recaps but first a discussion on how to know who you are really rooting for!

Well this may be a little mundane but what kind of baseball person/writer/fan would I be without keeping track of the World Series games, especially this World Series. It is historic. 

Two teams, both with long World Series droughts, are fighting it out for the top spot in all of baseball. 

National League Championship Series, World Series Game Recaps
Fly the W. Chicago Cubs.

I don’t know about you but I find it hard to not root for the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs already broke a curse simply making it to the Fall Classic and have a 108-year drought since winning one, how can you not want them to win?? 

Their opponents, the Cleveland Indians haven’t won a World Series since 1948. That’s quite a long time as well.

Something I wholeheartedly believe is that no one who is a baseball fan can watch a game and be completely unbiased, to be completely free of any underlying (however small) desire for one team to win over the other.

A good example are people who call themselves “Bay Area Fans” – meaning that they like both the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s or both the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco Forty Niners. I don’t believe that actual “Bay Area Fans” exist.

World Series Game Recaps
Rally Together. Cleveland Indians.

Even if a person says that they like both teams equally – when the teams play one another, head-to-head, that person will somehow quietly be pulling for one team more than the other. My theory about this comes from experience.

The Athletics haven’t been to the World Series in 27 years so I’ve watched many postseasons in which they haven’t gotten to the Fall Classic, but I always find myself pulling for one team that did make the series just a bit more than the other. What are sports without a team to root for? Isn’t that what makes it fun? 

I feel obligated to root for the Cubs in this series but my gut leans towards the Tribe. I say go with your gut and not necessarily who you feel you are supposed to root for and pretend to be neutral when that’s virtually impossible. So, Go Tribe!

So that’s my thought process on rooting for teams …. Now, onto the quick World Series game recaps:


   Chicago Cubs @ Cleveland Indians  

Game 1: Indians 6, Cubs 0 – This game pretty much goes to Indians’ ace Corey Kluber. He broke a record by striking out eight batters in just three innings. Manager Terry Francona allowed him to pitch into the sixth inning, but took him out likely to save his arm in the even the series goes to six or seven games.

Andrew Miller who had been practically perfect this postseason got himself into a jam after taking over for Kluber. He pitched two innings, uncharacteristically walking two batters and two hits, at one point pitching his way out of a bases loaded jam. He still got three strikeouts without allowing a run but the outing did show that he is human. Cody Allen closed out the game striking out the side. 

The Indians’ bats were going too. Francisco Lindor had three hits and a stolen base but the offensive player for the night was undoubtedly Roberto Perez who hit two home runs, one off of Cubs ace Jon Lester in the fourth inning and another off of Hector Rondon in the eighth inning. 

Lester struggled a bit allowing six hits and three runs but managed to strike out seven batters. Kluber’s strikeout total hit nine. 

Also, it should be noted that Kyle Schwarber who hadn’t played since April seventh after tearing his ACL and LCL, returned to the Cubs and went 1-3 with a double.

Game 2: Indians 1, Cubs 5 – It was all Cubs in Game 2. Jake Arrieta looked like the reigning Cy Young Award winner that he is, going 5.2 innings, allowing two hits, one-run and three walks while striking out six. The Indians did not get their first hit until the sixth inning when Jason Kipnis doubled to right. The Indians’ only run came on a wild pitch by Arrieta. Kipnis, who had been moved to third on a groundout by Lindor, was able to score. 

Most of the Cubs scoring came off the bat of Schwarber, who went 2-4 with a RBI and a run scored. He had help of course but it’s become obvious that his bat is needed in the Cubs lineup, which works out great when playing in an American League ballpark and having the DH at your disposal. It should be really interesting to see what happens back at Wrigley Field. Schwarber has been cleared to run the bases and hit but he has yet to be cleared by doctors to play in the field. 

Just one last quick note: Francona used a total of seven pitchers in the game. One of his strengths this postseason has been using his bullpen to his advantage, especially with injuries to starters Trevor Bauer and Danny Salazar. Bauer wasn’t bad in the game Wednesday, but he was kept to just 3.2 innings after giving up six hits and two runs, mainly due to keeping his injured finger from getting worse. The Indians’ problem was their offense, quite like the Cubs in Game 1.

Game 3: Friday at 5pm PT

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