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A reaction to “49 Reasons it’s good to be an Athletics fan” – the Aww! the Meh & the Bad!

49 ReAsons it’s greAt to be An Athletics fAn

Today, the A’s released a list of 49 reasons why it is HELLA cool to be an Athletics fan. I’m inclined to agree with them and I have reasons I could even add to their list. The team did a fun and thorough job with this list. Of course I had issues with a couple of their “reasons” but there were others that I loved so much that they brought tears to my eyes.

This is a good list for a lot of A’s, or perhaps now-former A’s, fans to read. People are fed up with the ownership of the club. I get that.

Seeing your favorite players continually traded away for prospects – that many think they will never see – in the big leagues and, even if they do make it, then it is assumed that they will be traded away by the time they hit arbitration eligibility or free agency. 

Now if and when the A’s get actual funding again whether via new ownership and/or a new stadium, that pattern will likely change.

Athletics fan
Coco Crisp. Fox Sports.

Many people are so angry that they foregoing buying season tickets or taking their annual trip to Spring Training. In all honesty, that is actually kind of stupid. The owners aren’t losing anything if some fans don’t renew their tickets.  

The only thing it does do is hurt the players when they should be supported, regardless of how long they remain with the team. Loyalty should really lie with the name on the front of the jersey and not the back. Besides it isn’t as though you can’t root for players just because they are now with another ballclub, right? 

Anyway, it IS true that the owners, Lew Wolff and majority shareholder John Fisher, do not care about the fans or the players. The A’s are the last team to share an almost ancient stadium with an NFL team. However a change, however slow, seems to have begun.

Most fans are dying for a new stadium, which will be nice when it happens,  but as EVERYONE knows – it’s still in the early stages. At least now there is actual backing from the Commissioner as well as the Mayor of Oakland to light a little fire under the butts of Wolff and Fisher.

But I digress, at least a little bit. This was supposed to be about the fans, many of who call the Oakland Coliseum home (see number 7 on the list). It was also supposed to be about what from the list was good and what wasn’t, at least in my honest opinion. 

supreme court,
Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. Getty Images.

This post was also supposed to be about hope for the future. The A’s just wrapped up their 49th season playing in the City of Oakland (hence the 49 reasons) and they did so with one of the worst records since current vice president of baseball operations, Billy Beane, took over as GM after the Athletics finished the 1997 season at 65-97. In 2015 they finished with a record of 68-94 and in 2016 it was 69-93. 

That may not appear to be too hopeful but really it is. The A’s may not have been to the World Series since 1989 (when they SWEPT their cross-bay rivals!!) but they have been in the postseason more times in this century than almost any team with the exception of the New York Yankees, the Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals. 

The team – with the exception of their years in Kansas City – hasn’t ever really been bad for very long, especially not under Beane’s watch. As you will learn by reading these 49 reasons it’s hella cool to be an A’s fan, the Athletics have a history of winning. They are also in the middle of a major youth movement – not unlike the one Beane helped facilitate under former GM Sandy Alderson in the mid-late 90’s. 

athletics fan
Mark Mulder. Getty Images.

By 2002 the team set an American League record winning 20 games in a row, no tie games like the old days and definitely no losses. That was a team of mostly young kids (remember that guy in the picture? Or Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, Mark Ellis and so many more, all now retired, were just babies in ’02) much like the team you will see on the field for Oakland in 2017 and likely into the next decade (see number 47 on the list!).

People say I’m optimistic. While I do tend to look on the bright side of things, I also backup my optimistic claims with facts – both historical and current. It’s only been three seasons since the A’s won the AL Western Division Title and just two since they last were in the postseason. 

All hope is not lost. So people need to stop acting like the bandwagoners across the bay and stop jumping ship. Or if you have already gone overboard then please stay there, if only for my own peace of mind. The constant whining does get annoying (see I can be not so happy! lol!)

The naysayers may make you believe that there is no hope for Oakland but I’m pretty positive that’s not true. I also know where my loyalty lies and that is with the Athletics franchise. Now, for all the haters out there …. Here are 49 reasons it’s hella cool to be an A’s fan



**In order to see the entire list, however your mouse over the picture and at the bottom it will allow you to go to the next page**

Now, this post is ridiculously long, I know and I apologize (that is if you are indeed still even reading). But here are my thoughts on some of the reasons listed above …. you know there was no way I could stop myself from well … critiquing the list, for lack of a better way to put it.

I’ll keep this as brief as possible (for me anyways).

The Bad: I REALLY did not care for reasons numbers 27, 30 and 36.

athletics fan
Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF).

Number 27 takes into account our mascots over the years but they don’t just talk about Stomper or Charlie O, they add in rabbits. Rabbits are fine but what about the cat who inspired Tony La Russa to start his Animal Rescue Foundation? Or more importantly … WHAT ABOUT THE RALLY POSSUM?! LOL! But seriously.

Athletics Fan
Oakland A’s Rally Possum.

Number 30. I’m sure you’re all thinking what could be wrong with a kid who according to the caption insists on “wearing a lion suit everyday” and who is at his “first A’s game.” The kid’s adorbs, I totally agree with that but they compare him to Krazy George and Coco Fingers! The kid just likes to dress like a lion (which has nothing to do with the A’s)!! Now, if they had posted a picture of one of the Baby Misfits who have been dressing up and sitting with their parents in the LF Bleachers for their still short but entire lives – they are the kids who should be featured. Not a kid, however cute he is, who is dressed like a lion for no reason other than he wanted to. It’s like come on now A’s PR people!!

Number 36 talks about “Banjo Man.” Why do I have a problem with Banjo Man? No it doesn’t have to do with the fact he is a SF Forty Niners fan, the Raiders left the Bay Area. I understand the Niners/A’s fan thing that some people have. My problem lies with him dressing up in SF giants gear each year they’ve been in the World Series. Banjo Man is a bandwagoner and a sellout. PERIOD.

The Meh:

Number 38. Now, I’ve NEVER in my life bet on Dot Racing, however, I do find the whole thing to be fun. A season ticket holder neighbor and good friend of mine do enjoy yelling out and cheering for dots that aren’t there. So listen sometime. If you hear someone cheering, “Go Purple!!!” That would be me.

The Awwwww!!! – So basically like every other number on the list. 

an athletics fan
Stephen Vogt.

Yet special attention should be paid to a couple ….  8 – Boom, Sparkle, Fizz. – I pictured his smile at the end of the social media graduation commercial. 10 – #kHRis! 15 – needs no explanation. 16 through 19 – #IBISV. 20 – I love Cotton, don’t you? 33 – Shimmy, shimmy! Ok …. so 34 and 35 are great but so are almost all of them so please read through the entire list! But 39, 48 and 49 all brought tears to my eyes! #fAnily!

Here’s the actual link to the list: 49 reasons it’s hella cool to be an A’s fan ….. it is probably easier to read than here on my blog but hey! I tried, right? LOL! 

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