OTD in Baseball History: Cubs’ Curse!

This day is an HUGE one in the history of Major League Baseball. It is the day that the Chicago Cubs were officially cursed. 

A man named William Sianis brought his goat, Murphy, to Wrigley Field to watch game four of the 1945 World Series between the Cubs and the Detroit Tigers.

Murphy’s stench was bothering the fans surrounding William “Billy Goat” Sianis. They were eventually forced to leave in the fourth inning, even though Sianis had bought two box seats – one for him and one for Murphy.

Needless to say, Sianis was not pleased. There are different accounts of what actually happened next. Some people say that he cursed the franchise then and there saying that they would lose the current series and that no World Series game would ever be played at Wrigley again.

Another account has Sianis sending a telegram to Cubs’ owner Phillip K. Wrigley saying the team would lose the 1945 World Series and never win another one again, just because they had slighted his beloved goat.

The story of how Murphy came to be Sianis’ beloved pet. He fell off of a truck in front of the tavern owned by the Sianis family. William nursed the injured baby goat back to health, named him Murphy and even changed the name of his tavern The Billy Goat in.

Both William and his nephew Sam have tried to rescind the curse. William did so in 1979. While his nephew brought a goat to Wrigley Field to try and break the curse five more times in 1973, 1984, 1989, 1994 and 1998, but it’s now been 71 years and the Cubbies have yet to win a World Series.

This may be the year the curse is broken. The Cubs were easily the best team during the regular season and have every right, at least in the opinion of this writer, to have a shot to play an American League team in the World Series.

It’s possible now.  Theo Epstein is in charge of the team and he was in charge of the Boston Red Sox when they broke their 86-year-long curse. They have a very complete team and deserve the chance to win. Of course the addition of the Wild Cards in each league makes the playoffs more a stroke of luck than anything else – basically rendering the regular season moot. Again that is in my opinion. 

Hopefully the Cubs curse will be lifted in 2016!

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