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OTD in Baseball History: Bo Jackson hits his first MLB HR

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I know I’ve been missing in action the past week or so! I just wanted to let you know that I had some home/family stuff that needed to be dealt with but that I am definitely back with some OTD in Baseball History (see below!) for ya! 

But just so you know, you can expect my regular daily posts from FRSN’s Today’s Knuckleball, beginning with a new piece on A’s rookie Jharel Cottonas well as pieces written exclusively for this blog on a daily basis once again so you can keep coming back to BBST for more commentary, news and most importantly analysis on America’s pastime – the best game in the world (at least to me and the the great Babe Ruth!), the AL West and the Oakland Athletics! 

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Babe Rut.

So, here’s a little fun fact for you! On this day in baseball history: September 14, 1986 – the greatest (at least in my opinion) two-sport player ever, Mr. Bo Jackson, then a member of the Kansas City Royals, hit his first MLB home run. It traveled an astonishing 475 feet! 

otd, bo jackson
Bo Jackson. Circa. 1986

Thanks for reading and sorry for my recent extended absence! I hope you will keep coming back and reading my stuff on Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk! (I also promise a bit more actual “Sock Talk” for all you fellow socks lovers out there – and based on my Instagram – there are more than a few of you! LOL! Love you all!), have a great day/evening and please keep  coming back because I’ll still be here writing away! 🙂

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