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Updated: Thoughts on the details of the Valencia/Butler altercation

UPDATE: 8/24/16 – My thoughts on Billy Butler’s response to the situation

CSN Bay Area’s A’s insider Joe Stiglich reported earlier today that Butler finally broke his silence regarding the incident between him and Danny Valencia that occured on Friday. While Valencia immediately addressed this incident and is quoted below as saying.

“I have respect for him, I hope he has respect for me. He’s my teammate.”

Butler waited until Wednesday to address the media and his teammates. While this is somewhat understandable being that he incurred a concussion in the altercation with Valencia, his statements did not seem to me to be all that sincere. 

Butler had apologized to most of his teammates, Valencia NOT included, as well as to general manager David Forst, vice president of baseball operations Billy Beane and manager Bob Melvin. Supposedly, Butler and Valencia have plans to talk eventually. 

In my mind, however, Butler should have apologized to Valencia before anyone else. He was the one who stepped directly into a conversation that he was not a part of and attempted to undermine his teammate in front of a rep. Butler could have cost Valencia an endorsement deal.

This was not a case of jealous as Butler has his own endorsement deal, it was just a blatantly rude act. Valencia had every right to tell Butler he was wrong to enter into a conversation that was none of his business. Billy’s reply (see below) egged Valencia on and a fight ensued. 

While Butler did admit that he didn’t believe that Valencia meant to give him a concussion, he also said that verbal sparring between the two was not unusual – even dating back to their days together with the Kansas City Royals. That is all well and good but attempting to sabotage Valencia’s endorsement deal is different from sparring back and forth. Here’s part of Butler’s statement,

“Some of that’s me on some days, some of that’s on him some days. Most of the time it’s in good fun, but sometimes whenever you’re doing that thing on a consistent basis, things happen to where sometimes you get offended … even though you’re having fun. I think it was a reaction and it was one of those things, I regret what I did. I know he regrets what he did. … By no means do I think his intentions were to give me a concussion.”

Valencia has expressed that he did not mean to hurt Butler but Butler did not address the fact that he inserted himself (as was witness and described to the A’s beat writer Susan Slusser by two teammates who remain anonymous) into a conversation that was not his business and told the representative to take away Valencia’s endorsement deal. 

That is VERY different than what Butler described in his statement. It’s as though he is waiting for a big apology from Valencia when in fact HE is the one who owes Valencia an apology first.

Of course, Valencia did not intend to give Butler a concussion but the fact is that Butler DID INTEND to try to sabotage Valencia’s endorsement deal. If he thinks that is joking around, then he needs to really take a good look at his values. 

Anyone who is called a little “bitch ass” after being undermined and insulted, would probably have reacted as Valencia did which is more than likely why the Royals’ Eric Hosmer – a former teammate of both players came out in support of Valencia as did current teammates Coco Crisp and Yonder Alonso

Butler says he “regrets” not being a leader to the younger guys who have been called up and that he “regrets” taking the focus away from the team and the game, but what he should regret is getting into Valencia’s business when he had no right to do so. I’m sorry but that action was unwarranted and inexcusable and he got what he had coming to him.

He doesn’t even seem to feel badly about it and that shows me, at least, that Butler is not the innocent, jolly, nice guy from the midwest that I thought he was. And that is such a disappointment. 

Original Text: 8/23/16

Valencia being overly disparaged in the media, here’s the whole story and my thoughts on the altercation

Earlier today I wrote on Today’s Knuckleball about the negative affects that the altercation between Billy Butler and Danny Valencia could on each of their careers as well as potential issues that this fight could cause for the ballclub. Details of that fight are now beginning to emerge. San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser by the two players who witness the fight here:  A’s clubhouse fight: Danny Valencia, Billy Butler altercation details – and I will summarize them for you as I go along with my personal opinions on who was more in the wrong (as they both were) and about the penalties that the players will be facing.

butler, altercation
Billy Butler. Getty Images.

 It’s true that Butler ended up with a head injury that has put him on the seven-day concussion list but does that make Danny Valencia automatically to blame for the entire encounter? Some people say yes, I’ve read it on Twitter – while others, like myself say no. We all know it takes two to fight.

In summary here is what went down.  Valencia was talking to a representative from a company with which he has an endorsement deal. He was told to only wear certain spikes during games but the rep was quizzing them as to why he wasn’t wearing them at the moment. 

Valencia said that he happened to like to wear other shoes when during his pregame workouts – fair enough – he wasn’t breaking any rules of the deal (and as far as we know he hasn’t). Then Butler stepped into the conversation saying that Valencia was lying and that the company should drop Valencia’s endorsement deal.

This is the moment when I thought – wait, what business is that of Butler’s to even step into a conversation to which he was not invited. No one asked his opinion, yet, he tells the company to dump Danny. Butler already has his own deal with another company, so it wasn’t as though he was jealous – it just sounds malicious, IMHO. I mean, even if you don’t like someone for whatever reason that is ALMOST but not quite – like costing the person their job. What right did Butler have to “tattle-tale” on Valencia – whether the accusation is true or untrue? He didn’t have that right.

Valencia responded saying,

“Don’t you ever loud talk me in front of a rep. That was wrong,”

Personally I agree. Butler’s repsonse to that was as follows,

“I can say whatever I want and your bitch ass isn’t going to do anything about it.”

Ok, wouldn’t that piss you off? I would have certainly gotten angry if someone had said that to me! Then according to the two players who witnessed and later broke up the fight – the two men leaned in towards each other, started pushing and Valencia started swinging. He hit Butler in just the right spot that it caused a concussion and Butler is now on the seven-day disabled list.

Honestly, it sounds like an unlucky punch that Valencia hit him in the temple where he could cause a concussion.  It doesn’t appear that he meant to cause that kind of physical harm to his teammate. He was just angry because as it sounds, Butler led him on, said some mean shit and they went at it.

No one would think twice about this altercation had they not been MLB players, but now the entire baseball world is focused on it and everyone has their own opinon. According to the SF Chronicle’s John Shea, general manager David Forst said that both players will be fined and that neither will be suspended.

Both All-Star catcher Stephen Vogt and manager Bob Melvin didn’t seem to worried about the altercation at all:

Forst and others expressed the same sentiment but there is no love lost between Butler and Valencia who haven’t spoken since the incident. Valencia may not have spoken with Butler but he did make a public statement saying

“I have respect for him, I hope he has respect for me. He’s my teammate.”

Butler has not repsonded or spoken to the media as of this time (this post will be updated if Butler does speak to the media about the incident). All we know is that he has officially been placed on the seven-day concussion disabled list and that the A’s have called up Arsimendy Alcantara from Triple-A Nashville to take Butler’s place on the roster.

In this case I think that both parties were in the wrong but Billy Butler more so than Danny Valencia simply because there was no reason for Butler to 1. enter into a conversation that he was not a part of and 2. After he was told that by Valencia, he responded with malice – thus really being the cause of the fight. 

valencia, altercation
Danny Valencia. Getty Images.

Does that mean Valencia is not responsible for his actions? Of course not and by addressing the media he at least showed that he understood what happened was wrong

. However, Valencia seems to be being vilified in the press while Butler is not. In my personal opinion Butler was more in the wrong and Valencia got in a “lucky” (but really not at all lucky) punch that ended up hurting Butler, but that does not make him the villian in this situation.

While I think that the team has handled the situation correctly by fining both individuals, the real cause of this entire situation were Butler’s first actions.

I’m sorry if you disagree with me but looking at the evidence in Slusser’s article it appears to me that both were at fault but nothing would have happened if Butler hadn’t butted on someone else’s conversation and tried to sabotage that person. He then egged him on.

That to me just doesn’t seem right and if you think that you wouldn’t react to someone doing and saying those things to you, then I don’t believe you.

This whole situation was wrong, both men are at fault and will be receiving appropriate penalties – it takes two to fight but it only really takes one to start it – and hopefully that’s the last I will be saying about this whole ridiculous situation!

Thanks for listening (reading) my thoughts on the matter. I appreciate it!

  • CBlake

    Valencia should be arrested for assault. Whatever Billy said is not justification for physically assaulting someone and giving them a concussion. Valencia should be suspended by MLB, and tossed in jail. And his sponsors should drop him, not only because he is taking the money without using the products, but because he is a criminal.

    • You are entitled to your own opinion bro. Even if it IS ridiculous and completely off-base.

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